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GNOME 3 Test Day #1: Come try the new hotness

Of course, GNOME 3 is one of the big new features of Fedora 15 – and the free software desktop in general. Fedora will be running three Test Days to aid in the final polishing and stabilization of the GNOME 3 release, and make sure Fedora 15 provides a good desktop experience. This is a […]

FUDCon, day 1.5

I’m at FUDCon, and as always, don’t have enough time to blog. I also neglected to a) charge my spare camera battery or b) bring a mini-USB cable, so no pictures uploaded yet! The event’s been as useful as it always is, though. The Fedora on ARM talk by Paul Whalen was great as a […]

FUDCon Tempe

Yup, I’ll be at FUDCon Tempe, putting away a few (dozen) beers with Peter and trying to make other people do work for me as per usual! I’m planning to run a workshop on creating package-specific test cases on one of the workshop days – do come along. No presentation this time, I think I’ve […]

Roundcube 0.5: really good

I don’t know what they did to it, but Roundcube 0.5 is incredibly fast. I run it for my private webmail; it’s actually been broken for me for a while, logging me out a few seconds after I logged in. With 0.5 I re-configured it from scratch, the bug is gone, and it runs like […]

First Fedora 15 Test Day this Thursday: network device re-naming

The first Test Day for Fedora 15 is coming up on Thursday – 2011-01-27 – and it’s a big one! The subject is network device naming, but before you doze off, it’s more significant than you might be thinking. On some systems, good ol’ familar eth0 will be gone in Fedora 15, replaced by…em1? Get […]

Some patent reflections on WebM

See what I did there?! I thought I’d expand a bit on some thoughts I had while commenting on a Guardian story about the WebM controversy. I haven’t seen anyone look at this angle, yet. (This is, of course, entirely my own personal opinion, and not that of my employer or any other organization I’m […]

Potential project for someone: graphics card generations in Smolt

Here’s something that just came up in the QA meeting which someone might find interesting to do. It’s a small project related to Smolt which would be helpful for QA and graphics development purposes. As most people know, there are thousands and thousands of graphics card models out there. Many of them, however, differ only […]

Compiz 0.9 for Rawhide (Fedora 15): test repo up

This morning I thought I’d start on building Compiz 0.9 for Rawhide (Fedora 15) as a nice little weekend project to spend an hour or two on. Sixteen hours later…I’ve kind of finished. Want to try Compiz 0.9 (actually, a bit past, and using the glib-mainloop branch of compiz itself, which is needed for […]

The reality distortion brigade

I continue to be frankly baffled by the vitriol being heaped upon Google for one of its good moves – removing support for h264-encoded content in the video tag in Chrome. As was hashed out at painful length in the initial debates, a patent-encumbered, pay-to-play codec has absolutely no business being in the HTML definition […]

Curious about GNOME Shell and Fedora 15? Take a sneak peek

A quick note for the terminally curious: the Rawhide nightly live build succeeded for the first time in 2011 tonight. If you grab the image from that link and throw it on a DVD or USB stick (too big for a CD at present), and you have co-operative hardware, it should boot up into a […]