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Abrt Test Day on Thursday, and Beta validation starting

A couple more announcements! This Thursday, 2011-03-31, will be ABRT Test Day. As well as checking that ABRT (Fedora’s automated crash report tool) is working as expected for Fedora 15, we’ll be testing out a big new feature, the retrace server. This allows you to submit crash reports to a remote server which will generate […]

Printing Test Day today

Apologies for the short notice, but I got my wires crossed and thought this was on Thursday. But it is in fact…today! Yes, it’s printing Test Day over in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC RIGHT NOW. Our printing guru, Tim Waugh, has logged off for the day, but the test cases are very easy to run […]

Fedora 15 status and so on

So, how’s that thar Fedora 15 going? Pretty well, all things considered. We delayed the Beta by a week (adding to the one-week delay of Alpha to make a total delay so far of two weeks) due to the very late landing of NetworkManager 0.9, which was desired to make sure the GNOME 3 experience […]

Power Management Test Day on Thursday

The Fedora 15 Test Day schedule continues to roll, and this week it’s the turn of power management. This event will concentrate on testing how well various common power management operations work on a range of systems, and also on testing the functionality of the new generation PowerTOP utility. As this Test Day aims to […]

Test Days: GNOME last week, Preupgrade tomorrow!

Last Thursday was the second GNOME 3 Test Day, and despite a rather smaller turnout than the first event, it went off very well, with a good pile of bugs being exposed. Vitezslav Humpa, who along with Radek Lat helped to organize this event, posted a recap to the mailing list with a good overview […]

Second GNOME 3 Test Day this Thursday (2011-03-10)!

This Thursday, 2011-03-10, will be the second of three GNOME 3 Test Days. These events help both Fedora and GNOME ensure that GNOME 3 will be reliable and fully functional for its impending 3.0 release and for Fedora 15. The first event was a great success in terms of turnout and bugs identified, so thanks […]