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Ubuntu 11.04 out today – congratulations

Just a quick post to congratulate everyone over at Ubuntu on their 11.04 release today. I like the prominent What’s New? page explaining the changes Unity brings – I hope we’ll have something similar for GNOME 3 in F15. Also, remember today is Cloud Test Day, so come and test some clouds if you’re at […]

Cloud Test Day tomorrow, and LinuxFest NorthWest this weekend

It’s Test Day time again. Tomorrow (Thursday 2011-04-28) we have some cool cutting-edge stuff for you: it’s a cloudy Test Day, as the Cloud SIG wants some help to test their coolest new stuff coming up in Fedora 15. There’s two sub-events, one for BoxGrinder and one for Fedora on Amazon EC2 (assuming it’s working!) […]

More home setup tinkering: out with the HTPC, in with the NAS and the media streamer

Vincent Danen’s recent post on hacking the D-Link DNS-323 prompted me to finally go out and make a change to my home setup that I’ve had planned for a while. For a long time I’ve used an HTPC system connected to my TV; it plays music and downloaded videos, which it stores on a RAID-5 […]

Final GNOME 3 Test Day today!

One more reminder, everyone – today is the final GNOME 3 Test Day! Grab a live image from the Test Day page, boot it up and get to testing. Join us in IRC to discuss your results and get any pointers you need. Use WebIRC if you’re not an IRC aficionado. The more testing we […]

Fedora 15 Beta is out!

Yes, we had a smooth F15 Beta release today and you can get Fedora 15 Beta now. Remember to read up on the Common Bugs! I think (he pontificated modestly) we did a pretty good job on this one: the Beta is pretty solid for a Beta and does a nice job of showcasing the […]

Final GNOME 3 Test Day this Thursday!

Over the last few months, the Fedora project has run a series of test events for the major new GNOME 3 release. The third and final GNOME 3 Test Day is coming up this Thursday, 2011-04-21. Now the final GNOME 3.0 release has been made, this event will focus on testing its integration into the […]

The continuing state of contact + calendar synchronization suck

I’ve written about this before and now I’m doing it again! Fun for all the family. Since that post I’ve continued trying to find a reliable way to share my contacts and calendar between my phone and multiple computers, and still haven’t found one yet. Mostly this is down to my phone being an N900, […]

Whoosh: and Virtualization Test Day, and impending Fedora 15 Beta

So I looked up at the clock today and discovered it was 3pm and I’d spent the last five hours in TV Tropes. That site is crack, I tells ya. The link to the impossible quiz didn’t help either. Last time I got stuck in Tropeland it cost me a day plus the time it […]

Politically correct

Handy translation of the day: “Don’t expect me to be politically correct” can be more usefully read as “I’m about to be a twat, and I wish to forestall criticism of it”. (I also like Gary Younge’s way of putting it: “political correctness has come to mean whatever its opponents want it to, so long […]