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GNOME Shell, panel applets, and eating your cake

One of the complaints doing the rounds about GNOME Shell is that it has no panel applets. This is technically true. It’s also entirely the wrong way of looking at things: I hope this post will make it clear why this is, and make some people happier with the road GNOME is going down. So, […]

Annoying QA fails: NetworkManager

So, if you’re running a 32-bit Fedora 15 install, you might notice that NetworkManager stopped working right with the NetworkManager-0.8.999-3.git20110526.fc15 update. Sorry about that. So, aren’t we supposed to have a procedure in place to stop completely broken upgrades of major critical packages going out? Well…yes. Did it work in this case? Well…no. Why not? […]

Small happy things: Fedora 15 and Bluetooth

It’s always nice to write about something positive, so I thought I’d just say a quick thanks to whichever mystery person improved Bluetooth support for my Sony Vaio Z (VPCZ1) in the upstream and Fedora kernel revisions between 14 and 15. I have a Bluetooth mouse and also use Bluetooth tethering with my phone. In […]

Small annoyances

Not that it’s anything new, but it would be really nice if someone would notice how useless this error message is: [adamw@adam SOURCES]$ sudo modprobe -r snd-ice1724 FATAL: Module snd_ice1724 is in use. [adamw@adam SOURCES]$ and fix it. Here is what it needs to look like: [adamw@adam SOURCES]$ sudo modprobe -r snd-ice1724 FATAL: Module snd_ice1724 […]

Fedora 15 ‘Lovelock’ released today!

Very happy to pass on the news that Fedora 15 was released today, full of GNOME 3-y goodness, systemd vitamins, and Spice-y marrowbone jelly. After one-week slips for the Alpha and Beta we hit the Final release with no further slips, so just a total two-week slip for Fedora 15; I think that’s great given […]

Darkness, darkness

I was rather proud of myself this morning: I actually managed to debug something vaguely significant, in C! I even used git blame. I feel all grown-up. So if you’re running Fedora 15 on your laptop and wondering why the screen only ever seems to get darker – it dims when you unplug it, or […]

Cute systemd trick of the day: auto-mounting remote shares

Thanks to Lennart for this one. If you have remote drives – cifs, nfs, whatever – in /etc/fstab with typical options, then you’ll probably find that F15 will sit there and wait for the network to come up on boot, then mount them, before boot completes. That’s not terrible, but it’s not awesome either. In […]

On technical support, and other things

So there seems to have been some discussion, lately, about this blog post by Jeff Hoogland on his experience asking a question in #fedora. I noticed that no-one has actually posted the discussion, yet, so I will: you can find the full log from Jeff’s initial question to when he leaves the channel at the […]

How I Survived LinuxFest NorthWest 2011

Yes – despite spending much of the time staffing a booth with a Fedora 15 / GNOME 3 demo desktop, I made it back from LinuxFest NorthWest alive and unsullied by rotten eggs. It must be true that people are more polite in person than online! Just like the first time I went, it was […]