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Son O’ Tip O’ The Day: X rotation

If you followed yesterday’s tip o’ the day, you’ll have your console and your GNOME session rotated…but there’s still a piece of the puzzle missing! X doesn’t have rotation set, so GDM is sideways. Cue more neck twisting and mouse fumbling. Fret not, though: even this can be solved! It’s a moderately-known fact that anything […]

Tip o’ the day: console rotation

So, you see the light and set up your dual monitors in portrait orientation, rather than landscape. Then GNOME explodes, and you’re stuck at a console trying to fix it with your neck rotated 90 degrees… Never fear! fbcon to the rescue. fbcon is compiled into Fedora kernels, and happily, one of fbcon’s abilities is […]

Neat Firefox 5 feature

My favourite Firefox 5 feature so far: the handling of tab resizing when you’re closing tabs. It doesn’t resize the remaining tabs until you move the mouse out of the tab bar – so if you’re just closing a bunch of tabs sequentially, the X doesn’t move out from under your cursor when the tabs […]

Excitement time again

Yup, it’s that time again: I updated my system to Rawhide today. F15’s just too boring and stable! When I first tried to do the upgrade there were significant dependency issues with totem-pl-parser and gjs, so I fixed those up – they both turned out to be simply changes and rebuilds that had been done […]

Hubba hubba – N9 / N950

So, boy, was I right – Nokia just announced the N9 and the N950 (as a developer-only device). Holy crap, at last. I’ll take one of each! The processor isn’t anything special – the current crop of dual-cores from NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Samsung kick it into a cocked hat, really – but the rest of […]

N900 successor announced Tuesday?

Just a heads-up for anyone desperately clinging on to their N900 but looking at all these whizzy dual-core, super screened new Android phones coming out lately with envy…there’s a reasonably solid rumor that Nokia is finally going to announce the ‘N950’ (or whatever the N900-successor-and-sole-Nokia-Meego-phone turns out to be called) on Tuesday. Then at least […]

I hate routers

Oh boy, do I. Was having stupid problems this morning sshing between systems and decided to blame my router (Linksys WRT-310N) and its firmware (a scarily new dd-wrt build for all the recent IPv6 faffing). So I thought, sod it, I’m buying another – the 310N has always been a bit flaky anyway, and it’s […]

Adventures in IPv6

So I’ve been trying to crowbar myself into the 1990s (yes, IPv6 is that old) today, using a tunnelbroker tunnel. I spent most of this morning flashing different dd-wrt firmware images to my router, till I found one which both worked with my router (WRT-310N) and had IPv6 support. It seems like you need an […]

IPv6 Test Day tomorrow (World IPv6 Day)

Sorry for the late notice, but it’s been crazy around here lately. We’re holding a special, out-of-cycle Test Day tomorrow for World IPv6 Day, focusing on testing Fedora’s IPv6 readiness – both in the distribution and on our project sites. You can test with Fedora 15, there’s no need to use Rawhide, and there’s full […]

System upgrade

As my last post may have hinted, I’ve made a few changes to my system lately. Just before a very busy weekend, with impeccable timing, the hard disk in my desktop gave out. I’ve been eyeing an upgrade for it for a while, and was hoping to hold out until the wider range of new-gen […]