Adventures in IPv6

So I’ve been trying to crowbar myself into the 1990s (yes, IPv6 is that old) today, using a tunnelbroker tunnel. I spent most of this morning flashing different dd-wrt firmware images to my router, till I found one which both worked with my router (WRT-310N) and had IPv6 support. It seems like you need an Eko std build, and the 310N can’t do wireless with a 2.6 kernel build, so I’m on this one. Using the guide on the dd-wrt site with a few tweaks to the script recommended for Tunnelbroker – like actually writing a radvd.conf before trying to access it, and using /tmp instead of /jffs because I don’t enable jffs, and changing vlan1 to vlan2 as seems to be correct for my router – it seems to sort of work: at least, the systems on my local network get IPv6 addresses in the range provided by tunnelbroker, marked as Scope:Global, which can ping each other. I couldn’t get out to, but I think that’s because my ISP’s DNS server doesn’t do IPv6; I’ll try it with OpenDNS later.

All the router rebootin’ has knocked over my irc proxy, I think, so I’m not on IRC right now (it could actually be the firewall on that machine, which I turned back on in preparation for IPv6iness, now I come to think of it). I’ll be back later. Remember, the IPv6 Test Day is in #fedora-test-day on Freenode!

There is a Canadian ISP which is actually offering native IPv6, experimentally – TekSavvy. This is very cool, and they seem like a cool ISP all around, with clued-up Ts&Cs (like not restricting server use, and I bet they don’t block port 25). I’d love to switch to them, but sadly they’re a bit slow – 5Mb/s isn’t much these days, with Shaw I get 20Mb/s. Still might consider it, especially if Shaw start getting on my ass about bandwidth limits. Either way, I’ll try and make IPv6 accessible once I get my head fully around the whole thing, I believe I can set up an IPv6 DNS record with no-ip.

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  1. misc
    misc June 8, 2011 at 3:15 pm | | Reply

    I assume that you do not have a fixed ip address ?

    ( if you have, we can arrange for a account on so you can manage your ns with bind and do not have any limit, and be a secondary MX and so on for you )

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