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ABRT Test Day today/tomorrow – 2011-09-26!

Yet another late Test Day announcement: today/tomorrow, 2011-09-26, is ABRT Test Day, particularly focusing on ABRT’s new libreport integration. As always, you can join #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC to chat with developers and QA team members to get help with the testing and any issues you encounter, and if you’re not familiar with using IRC, […]

Fedora migration: complete

A bittersweet afternoon: I just completed migration of my mail server from Mandriva 2010.1 to Fedora 15. MDV 2010 is out of support now, I don’t trust MDV 2011. I could’ve gone with Mageia, but it just seemed simpler to stick to Fedora for everything. So now all of my personal machines and servers are […]

Fedora 16 Beta RC2 in validation now!

So it’s been a long hard slog – see this mini-essay for some details – but we finally have second release candidate for the Fedora 16 Beta. (Yes, you read that right, a release candidate for a Beta: this is not mass-market stuff). If you want to help us ensure the Beta release goes out […]

Input method Test Day today

Sorry again for the short notice, but it’s Test Day time once more. Today – this very day, 2011-09-22! – is Fedora 16 input method test day. We’ll be focusing on the new input method features in Fedora 16, including the ibus extension for GNOME Shell. If your language uses a special input method in […]

Fedora 16 Beta: coming a bit less soon to a PC near you

Well, we’re slipping the Fedora 16 Beta release. Let’s take a look at why – as I’ve done for previous slips. We tried something to try and help avoid slips this time: we release Fedora 16 Beta TC1 (Test Compose 1 – the first full ‘dry run’ for any given Fedora release or pre-release is […]

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Site certificate update

Just a quick note that I’ve updated the SSL cert for It’s still self-signed and hence you’ll have to allow an override if you want to use https to connect to the site for some reason, but at least it’s not expired any more, and has a ‘correct’ CN, so if you’re using Convergence, […]

Graphics Test Week continues: Radeon Test Day today

Just a quick reminder that it’s still Graphics Test Week here at Fedora QA towers – thanks to everyone who came along to nouveau Test Day yesterday! Today is Radeon Test Day, and tomorrow will be Intel graphics Test Day. More details in this post.

Graphics Test Week this week!

Sorry for the short notice everyone, but this week is Graphics Test Week again. It’s time to make sure the major graphics drivers are in shape for Fedora 16. Tomorrow, 2011-09-06, is Nouveau Test Day. Wednesday, 2011-09-07, is Radeon Test Day. And Thursday, 2011-09-08, is Intel graphics Test Day. All the events take place in […]