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Random pontification: The end of work?

There’s a very interesting (if entirely wrong-headed) article over on Slashdot right now, and an even more interesting comment thread again. It’s essentially the classic Luddite argument brought back yet again: increasingly smart automation is going to make all human employment obsolete. We’ll have robots not just to grow food and make cars but “flipping […]

Getting It Rite

Reading this neat guide to writing git commit messages, a random thought occurred to me which I hadn’t actually seen written down anywhere before… I wonder how many guides to getting started in open source (whatever) include the single most important instruction I’ve ever come across, which applies to just about any action you can […]

Getting it not-quite-right

I always think it’s fun when you can catch those nearly-there-but-just-not-quite-right ideas which always look so funny ten years down the line, right when they actually happen. Motorola’s Lapdock is an absolutely textbook example of the genre. You can kind of see how they got there from here, after all. “Man,” they thought, “it’s a […]

Test Day time again: Eclipse Fedora packager stuff

It’s Test Day time again tomorrow (2011-10-13)! This week’s Test Day is a bit of a special interest one: it’s mostly going to be interesting to Fedora packagers. We’ll be testing the Fedora Packager for Eclipse plugin, an extensive plugin for the Eclipse IDE which turns Eclipse into an ideal environment for maintaining Fedora packages: […]

Oh snap

I’m generally happier working on projects which are small and sort of grassroots-y and generally held together with duct tape, which is why if you ask anyone who works with me at RH they’ll tell you I recoil instinctively whenever anyone asks me anything about RHEL (which I’ve still never actually run). But this is […]

Thanks to HP and Canonical Simple Scan team

I’d just like to say a huge thanks to HP and the folks at Canonical who work on Simple Scan – at long last, HP fixed up the ADF support for my 1212nf multifunction printer in hplip, and Simple Scan has completely awesome multiple document scanning / saving capabilities. So I can just load up […]


If you ever find yourself looking at the four or five spam mails you get daily and wondering if SpamAssassin actually does anything any more, try rebooting your mail server and forgetting to start the SA service. When you wake up the next morning to 56 spam mails, you’ll have your answer…

Thinking about Steve Jobs

When I first heard that Steve Jobs was dead, I shrugged and carried on working. I never met him or interacted with him in any way, and he had little impact on my life; it’s sad that he’s dead, in the general way that it’s sad when anyone dies, but I have no context for […]


I really, really wish I’d known about the ‘mapchars’ option to mount.cifs before I rsynced my entire music collection to a CIFS share (when I switched from storing it on my HTPC to storing it on a NAS box). Turns out every track with a question mark in its name went missing during that process, […]

Printing Test Day this Thursday (oh, and some Beta thing came out today)

So we had this little Beta release today, you may have heard about it. Go grab the Beta, have fun – but be warned, it’s a fairly Beta-y beta. It’s fine for a Beta, but it’s not like some other recent Betas which have been near production quality. Do read the common bugs page, and […]