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The crazy world of ebooks, again

Ah, the car crash world that is the ebook industry strikes once more. Most of the Flashman books showed up as ebooks just recently, and I’m off on vacation on Wednesday, so I figured I’d buy the ones I hadn’t read – perfect spot of light holiday reading. First I look in the native epub […]

Fedora 17 Test Days

Many thanks to John Dulaney, who’s taken on the task of Test Day co-ordinator for Fedora 17. He’s put up a post announcing the F17 Test Day cycle and explaining how to propose a Test Day (it hasn’t changed at all, so if you’re used to the process, go ahead and do it the usual […]

What’s going on in Fedora QA

I apologize for not updating this blog for a bit – there’s always one more thing that needs doing! However, just because I’ve been quiet doesn’t mean Fedora QA has been inactive – far from it. We managed to crawl across the Fedora 16 finishing line back in November, and we all took a few […]