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*sucks finger* ow!

So you may have noticed (but probably not, as you have ten thousand more interesting things to do than refresh my front page) the site was down for a few hours today (right after I blogged about how uptime would be better). There’s a good reason for that, though. Well…a reason. ‘Good’ may be pushing […]

More hardware musings

It was time for another trip to the computer store yesterday… I replaced the second oldest bit of my desktop (the oldest, by a wide margin, is the keyboard): the mouse. I’d just been talking about how the old one seemed to be pretty much indestructible (it’s a Logitech MX510) when, lo and behold, the […]

Test Days this week: kdump and GNOME Shell software rendering

Time to advertise some Test Days again! Todayish – Tuesday, 2012-03-27 – is Kdump test day. This Test Day aims to test out the system-config-kdump tool, which lets you configure a variety of settings relating to kernel crash dumps – letting you trigger system actions when a crash dump happens, or have them stored on […]

Sugar Test Day tomorrow!

It’s Test Day time again, everyone: tomorrow, 2012-03-22, is Sugar Test Day. Sugar is the learning-focused desktop environment originally written for the OLPC XO machines. This Test Day is a collaboration between the Sugar and Fedora communities, so we’ll be looking for a double-size turn out! The goal will be to test that the Sugar […]

Short Notice Test Day Time: firewalld Test Day today

Apologies for the short notice, as this one was only added to the schedule very recently. Today, RIGHT NOW, it’s firewalld Test Day in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC. firewalld is a dynamic firewall daemon which provides a modern alternative to the iptables system for managing kernel-level firewalling. It allows for much more flexible and powerful […]

This week in Fedora 17: Test Days galore

Yup, it’s Test Day time again. We did start up quite late this cycle, it feels like, but we’re stacking them deep each week to make up for it! Tomorrow, Tuesday 2012-03-13, is USB 3.0 Test Day. The aim here is to do some fairly in-depth testing of USB 3.0 support to make sure it’s […]

Further adventures in media streaming: don’t buy a Popcorn Hour, and props to XBMC and OpenELEC

So, I said back last April that I’d found an ideal solution to media streaming, replacing my big heavy complex HTPC system with a Patriot Box Office dedicated streamer. It turns out that I lied…kinda. After several months of experience, I was almost happy with the PBO. It’s really impressive for the price, size and […]

Fedora 17 Test Days start up this week: desktop localization and OpenStack

John Dulaney has been doing a great job of co-ordinating the Fedora 17 Test Day cycle so far, so many thanks to him for that. This week sees the first two events of the release cycle: desktop localization (l10n) Test Day on 2012-03-07 (Wednesday) and OpenStack Test Day on 2012-03-08 (Thursday). The desktop localization event […]