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Quick Test Day announcement: livecd-tools Test Day running now!

One of our brave QA community members decided to throw together a quick LiveCD / LiveUSB Tools Test Day to fill in the blank spot on the schedule today. The goal is to test the various methods for writing Fedora 17 images to USB sticks and optical media. If you have a bit of spare […]

Android app tip: LBE Privacy Guard

For those of us who worry more than the average bear about privacy, here’s an Android app tip – grab LBE Privacy Guard. What is does is simple yet awesome: it lets you deny permissions to apps, on a case-by-case basis or through policies. Yes, finally you can stop the damn Facebook app knowing where […]

KDE and Virtualization Test Days this week, and Fedora 17 Beta status

We have more Test Days for your delight and delectation this week, starting with the KDE 4.8 Test Day tomorrow (or today, depending on the TIME IN YOUR REGION), Tuesday 2012-04-10. It’s the KDE team’s first time running a Test Day, so please be gentle! It looks like they have most of the tests ready, […]

Test Day time again: Power Management and installation i18n / l10n

It’s that time again (how it flies) – Test Day time! Today, 2012-04-04, is Power Management Test Day. This is a regular one that’s been running for a while, so it should be nice and smooth by now. Of course, if you have a laptop – or even a desktop you regularly suspend – this […]