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Test Day time again: GNOME Boxes

We interrupt our frantic Fedora 17 validation briefly to bring you the news that it’s GNOME Boxes Test Day today in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC. Boxes is the new GNOME application that acts as a front end to virtual machines and to graphical remote machine connections (e.g. VNC). As it’s new it needs lots of […]

The secret

Now, not to blow my own horn – I don’t need to, because I’m awesome – but I’m often approached by awestruck fans at conferences and my various public appearances, asking me how I can possibly achieve so much QA work in so little time. Of course, I usually don’t tell them my secret. I […]

Relief: the message notifier Shell extension

I’ve been a notorious GNOME Shell apologist ever since it was released (before, for that matter), but there’s always been one thorn in my side with the Shell: it completely ruined IRC notifications, for me. Empathy is supposed to have a whizzy notification system, but every time I’ve tried it I’ve never had much success […]