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Another ‘living in the future’ moment

So I just saw this post in the planet Fedora feed, and by the time-honoured romance language trick of ‘all the words probably mean something a bit like a similar word in one of the other languages’ decided it was probably interesting. So I fed it to Google Translate, and got a perfectly decent and […]

Active Directory integration Test Day Thursday (2012-10-18)!

It’s Test Day time again, folks. This Thursday, 2012-10-18, is Active Directory integration Test Day. This Test Day is focusing on the Active Directory integration feature, which combines several improvements that together aim to ensure that Fedora can act as a member of an Active Domain out of the box. This is one of those […]

Thoughts on Iain M. Banks’ ‘Use of Weapons’, as I have nowhere else to put them

I realize this is the second time I’ve somewhat randomly dumped a large splurge of thoughts on an Iain M. Banks book, but hey, it’s my site. 🙂 There is nothing to do with Fedora or Red Hat here. But I suspect there’s a reasonable degree of overlap between F/OSS people and Banks fans, so […]