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KDE 4.9 Test Day today!

Anything the Desktop team can do, the KDE team can do as well, it seems: following on the heels of last week’s GNOME Test Day, today is KDE Test Day! If KDE is your desktop of choice, today’s the day you can join the KDE packagers to test out KDE in the upcoming Fedora 18 […]

GNOME 3.6 Test Day today!

It’s that Test Day time again, folks! Depending on where you are, tomorrow or today – Thursday 2012-11-08 – is GNOME 3.6 Test Day. We’ll be testing various areas of GNOME to ensure the desktop is working smoothly for the upcoming Fedora 18 release. If you have some time to drop by and help GNOME […]

There is no internet

Today in random philosophical pontification… I think now is the point at which I should use my power as Grand Poobah of Everything to declare that everyone except network engineers should stop talking about ‘the internet’, please. There no longer is ‘an internet’, except at the physical / protocol level which smart network engineers maintain, […]