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Please consider donating to Ken Starks’ medical fund

Hey, everyone – I don’t often post stuff like this, as it’s so hard to know where to draw the line, but I had to make an exception in this case. It’s become widely known in the last week or so that Ken Starks, of Blog of HeliOS fame, is suffering from an aggressive throat […]

Miscellaneous Fedora news update

So, here’s some miscellaneous bits of Fedora stuff: I put up the new standalone update feedback guidelines page yesterday. This is the document that attempts to explain how you should test updates from updates-testing and when to give the different types of feedback – positive, negative, neutral or none. It’s substantially based on text that […]

Fedora 18 Test Day call, and long time, no QA update

I’ve been feeling bad lately for not updating the latest goings-on in QA Land, so here’s a quick rundown! Starting with the latest thing: I just put up the Fedora 18 Test Day schedule and sent out the Fedora 18 call for Test Days. Do take a look and consider whether a Test Day would […]

On internet business models

The chart in this article is worth the price of admission all by itself.

Random plug: read The Verge

Oh, hello. Long time no blog. But I wanted to throw one slightly random note out there: you should probably be reading The Verge if you aren’t already. It’s more or less a gadget-y tech news site in the style of Engadget; it was founded by a bunch of ex-Engadgeters who didn’t appreciate AOL’s plans […]

Test Day time again: GNOME Boxes

We interrupt our frantic Fedora 17 validation briefly to bring you the news that it’s GNOME Boxes Test Day today in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC. Boxes is the new GNOME application that acts as a front end to virtual machines and to graphical remote machine connections (e.g. VNC). As it’s new it needs lots of […]

The secret

Now, not to blow my own horn – I don’t need to, because I’m awesome – but I’m often approached by awestruck fans at conferences and my various public appearances, asking me how I can possibly achieve so much QA work in so little time. Of course, I usually don’t tell them my secret. I […]

Relief: the message notifier Shell extension

I’ve been a notorious GNOME Shell apologist ever since it was released (before, for that matter), but there’s always been one thorn in my side with the Shell: it completely ruined IRC notifications, for me. Empathy is supposed to have a whizzy notification system, but every time I’ve tried it I’ve never had much success […]

Quick Test Day announcement: livecd-tools Test Day running now!

One of our brave QA community members decided to throw together a quick LiveCD / LiveUSB Tools Test Day to fill in the blank spot on the schedule today. The goal is to test the various methods for writing Fedora 17 images to USB sticks and optical media. If you have a bit of spare […]

Android app tip: LBE Privacy Guard

For those of us who worry more than the average bear about privacy, here’s an Android app tip – grab LBE Privacy Guard. What is does is simple yet awesome: it lets you deny permissions to apps, on a case-by-case basis or through policies. Yes, finally you can stop the damn Facebook app knowing where […]