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Now using proper TLS certificates

Domain spring cleaning continues here at HA Towers – the site is now using a proper TLS (SSL) certificate, from the nice people at StartSSL, who do it a damn sight cheaper than anyone else. I plumped for their level 2 service at $60 (effectively every two years), but they still do basic certificates (one […]

All systems go

So I think everything should now be back to normal on the new IP address. Mail from and to ought to be working, and you shouldn’t be able to use my mail server as an open relay…do let me know if you can, though. If you think there’s any problem with the mail setup, […]

Downtime alert(s)

So a couple of downtime alerts, one retroactive, one not 🙂 The site’s been down for the last six hours – sorry about that, bad interaction between a wordpress update and php-apc apparently. It is back up again now. As you can tell. Two, the site – in fact, all of, including mail to […]

More tech toys: keyboards, this time

I don’t really buy two new bits of technology a day, it just feels that way sometimes… As I’ve probably mentioned before, I’m a dyed-in-the-wool IBM Model M fan. I’m on my second (managed to kill the first with coke) and have a spare in the basement in case of any more unfortunate incidents. They […]

Snarks, laptops, and drunken mail server administration

Yes, it’s a packed schedule here at HA Towers… First up, two of my favourite snarks from random internet reading yesterday. To my friends at Canonical – I’m awarding points for funniness of snark, here, not legitimacy of complaint 🙂 Steve Hogarty on Mint versus Ubuntu: “Mint looks a lot more like Windows than the […]

Tablet adventures pt. 2

Long-standing readers (as if!) might remember my brief foray into the early days of Android tablets. Ah, yes, back when all this was trees…*strokes beard*. I don’t think I ever wrote a final post on it, but in the end I played around with it – mainly running the Linux build, which was an LXDE […]

More universal remote (Harmony and Redeye) fun, commenting / logging in

Hey again folks. First, I fiddled with the configuration of the blog a little: it should be somewhat better for commenting now. I’ve disabled direct account registration, but ensured that both BrowserID/Persona and OpenID login now work, and also enabled comment posting without login so long as you fill in a recaptcha. And tested it […]

Thinkflood Redeye follow-up: dependency management 101

So, why does it not surprise me that my problem with the Redeye turns out to be down to dependencies? And here people keep telling me dependency hell is a Linux problem… So I took a closer look at the crash reports Windows gave me when the ‘installer’ app crashed – Windows has something that’s […]

How not to ship hardware: the Thinkflood Redeye

Time to abuse this space for ranting purposes! I like programmable universal remote controls, as a rule. We used a Harmony 880 here at AdamW Towers for a long time. It didn’t quite have clean line-of-sight to all my devices, though, so sometimes it wouldn’t be able to hit the A/V receiver or the cable […]

On the new anaconda

For those who wondered why we made such drastic changes to anaconda over the last few releases, Will Woods has written a great explanation here. No, it was not just change for the sake of change. Yes, it was all done for a reason, and the pace of improvement in the installer will now be […]