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Now using proper TLS certificates

Domain spring cleaning continues here at HA Towers – the site is now using a proper TLS (SSL) certificate, from the nice people at StartSSL, who do it a damn sight cheaper than anyone else. I plumped for their level 2 service at $60 (effectively every two years), but they still do basic certificates (one […]

All systems go

So I think everything should now be back to normal on the new IP address. Mail from and to ought to be working, and you shouldn’t be able to use my mail server as an open relay…do let me know if you can, though. If you think there’s any problem with the mail setup, […]

Downtime alert(s)

So a couple of downtime alerts, one retroactive, one not 🙂 The site’s been down for the last six hours – sorry about that, bad interaction between a wordpress update and php-apc apparently. It is back up again now. As you can tell. Two, the site – in fact, all of, including mail to […]