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Hate of the day: search engines that ignore short queries

OK, then, Mr. Smarty-Pants Forum Search, how do you suggest I search for ‘S3’? It’s not the length of my search query, it’s what you do with it that counts…

Hardware refresh: NAS and server machine

As the last post hinted, it’s been hardware refresh time here at HA Towers lately. I usually check on my hardware around this time of year, and this year I kinda remembered that my server box was getting a bit old. I see that I blogged about the last upgrade too, so that was nearly […]

What do you mean, ‘not an approved fastener’?

Like, I suspect, many of you, I’ve done some pretty wacky stuff in my years of building my own systems, but today’s has to be near the top of the list: Yes, it’s the string-mounted SSD. In not-entirely-unrelated news, you may want to think twice before buying a Jonsbo V3+ case (AKA ‘DiyPC’ if you’re […]


For anyone who wonders about the applicability of advanced math to everyday life: There’s a good chance your data integrity relies on it. When you think about RAID-5 at a superficial level, it kinda makes sense – ‘sure, you can take a 1/n capacity hit to ensure that you still have all your data if […]

Fedora 19 GNOME 3.8 Test Day tomorrow!

We have one of our biggest Test Day events coming up today/tomorrow, Thursday March 21st: the GNOME 3.8 Test Day. We’ll be testing GNOME 3.8 on a Fedora 19 base. GNOME 3.8 is a great release, with a bunch of neat new features. I like the new method for opening the notification bar – it […]

Looking for a Google Reader replacement?

Looking for a Google Reader replacement? Run your own web server? Stick a copy of tt-rss (which, presumably not coincidentally, is displaying its ‘high traffic emergency page’ at present) on it and be happy. It works nicely, is simple to set up, and has a rather good Android app in the Store (ad-supported and paid […]

Dear Mark Shuttleworth: please tell the truth

Note: this post/site will likely be up and down today – it’s getting much more traffic than usual and high traffic seems to trigger some kind of httpd leak on my server, which exhausts the RAM. I almost never get high traffic so I don’t really care enough to investigate and fix that; I just […]

Some (sad) numbers on how Linux desktop adoption is going

So this doesn’t really surprise me much, as I’ve been saying for a while that the year of Linux on the desktop is never going to come because the desktop is a dead play now, but it is sadly interesting, I think. A propos of a Phoronix ‘discussion’ on the Mir shenanigans, I took a […]

Gadget update

Well, I promised, so time for a gadget update! The keyboard is working out great. So great in fact I haven’t bothered switching back to the Model M since I got it, and I just took the M back down to the basement. It’s noisier than a rubber dome – especially the way I type, […]