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The great package format debate: why there’s no need for distributions to use the same package format

As I mentioned, I spent the weekend at LinuxFest Northwest, a great conference I’ve been to three times now. Bryan Lunduke does a recurring talk there which is called “Why Linux Sucks” or something like it. It’s a great talk, where Bryan gives his tongue-in-cheek opinion on what’s holding back desktop (and, more recently, mobile) […]

LinuxFest Northwest, etc

I’m writing from LinuxFest Northwest once more – right now I’m watching Jesse Keating present on git. The conference is really buzzing so far this year; I’ve been spending most of my time manning the Fedora booth, and the swag is disappearing like crazy and we’ve had people stacked three deep at times. It’s always […]

Fedora 19 Graphics Test Week kicks off tomorrow!

Yup, it’s that time again – one of the bigger weeks of the Test Day cycle, as Graphics Test Week lands once more. Tomorrow, Tuesday 2013-04-23, is Intel graphics Test Day. Wednesday 2013-04-24 will be Nouveau Test Day. And Thursday 2013-04-25 will be Radeon Test Day. As always, we’ll be looking to test out the […]

Fedora 19 happenings

Thought I’d write an on-topic blog post, for a change! Sadly, we had our first Fedora 19 delay last week. I actually was trying pretty hard to get this to be the first release where we didn’t slip at all, but alas, this was not to be. The good news is this is nothing like […]

Read this. Now.

The Meme Hustler is the best thing I’ve read all year, and if you haven’t read it yet, you should. It’s a hatchet job on Tim O’Reilly, basically, but it’s a really good one, and it winds up being much more profound than that. Really, just go read it right now.

Why “we”?

From the Department of Random Pontification: What is it with the cancer of “we” which has spread through so-called ‘serious’ journalism in recent years? It really irks me. It’s prevalent in the mainstream online and print media, and in most ‘serious’ media sites in various niches – entertainment, technology, whatever. People who write opinion pieces […]


And now, for something completely different, may I present you with: Mike Krahulik shouting my name while chasing a duck. Kickstarter: sometimes, it’s money well spent.

Printing Test Day tomorrow!

As we work towards releasing the Fedora 19 Alpha (due in a couple of weeks), the Fedora 19 Test Days continue apace. Next up, tomorrow – 2013-04-04 – is printing Test Day. The goal is to check that the printing stack and user-facing tools are all in good working order for Fedora 19. Printing is […]