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Debugging 3: Pop Quiz Edition

I’m kinda enjoying these ‘debugging’ posts (even if no-one else is!), so I thought I’d do one in a different style. I’ll just describe the bug. You get to try and explain it. I have a properly-working Fedora 18 NFS server. It has a directory /export/fedora , containing the Fedora 19 Beta x86-64 DVD ISO […]

Virtualization Test Days this week

After we signed off on Fedora 19 Beta (coming to a mirror near you tomorrow!) there’s no rest: once again, we have two Test Days coming up this week. They are both virtualization related, too. Tomorrow, 2013-05-28, is the main Virtualization Test Day, while Thursday 2013-05-30 is Spice Test Day. We’ll be testing the ‘official’ […]

More debugging

Continuing my utterly fascinating series on Bugs What I Figured Out Lately, here’s one I spent most of Friday and Saturday on. The symptom was pretty simple: a user with a UK keyboard had a key that didn’t work. The debugging, ah, the debugging was fun. You probably don’t think much about your keyboard, but […]

Anaconda Test Day Tuesday, and debugging

Sorry (again) for the late notice, but Tuesday 2013-05-21 – tomorrow or today, depending – is Anaconda Test Day! Yeah, in a way it’s anaconda test day every day in Fedoraland, as we focus a lot of our day-to-day testing on the installer. But the folks running this Test Day have come up with some […]

Quote of the day

jwb: so let me get this straight. you’re using an unreleased kernel with a btrfs and ceph combination? atb9090_: thinking about it jwb: think harder.

Installer memory usage in F19 Beta TC3

So I had a few spare cycles this morning and thought I’d look at the memory usage of the installer in F19 Beta TC3. The awesome Chris Lumens made this much easier back in 2011 by adding memory use logging functionality to anaconda. He wrote up his findings at the time – based on a […]

ABRT and SSSD Test Days this week

This week in Test Days: we’ll be testing ABRT on Tuesday 2013-05-07 and SSSD improvements and Active Directory integration on Thursday 2013-05-09! ABRT is the Fedora tool for catching and reporting crashes. If you’ve been running Fedora 19, or you’ve updated with updates-testing in Fedora 18 in the last few days, you may have noticed […]

A Day In The Life Of A Firmware Engineer

11am: Arrive at work, check out crack pipe from inventory 11:05am – noon: Read online forums, cackle at victims; crack pipe Noon – 1pm: Read latest standards documents; write code that is in technical compliance but to any sane observer appears screamingly inept, baroque, buggy, unusable and downright dangerous 1pm – 2pm: Lunch with friend […]

500 mile emails

Thanks to Daniel Siegel for the link to this one. I have come across some truly crazy bugs in my time – buy me a beer at a conference and I’ll tell you about them – but I don’t think anything tops Trey Harris’ Case of the 500 Mile Email. That’s amazing.