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All the small things

As well as doing a whole lot of catch up with mailing lists and Beta stuff, during the last few days since I made it back home, I’ve tried to devote a bit of time to small things – the little issues that are easy to work around and overlook. Some of these might be […]

Graphics Test Week kicks off soon!

As I promised last week, here’s another post about Graphics Test Week. We have the wiki pages and test result pages in place now, so everything’s nearly ready to go – I’m just tuning the special Test Day live images at present. We’ll be kicking off tomorrow, Tuesday 2013-10-22, with Intel graphics Test Day, then […]

Fedora 20 Graphics Test Week next week!

Yes, the time is nearly upon us: next week will be Fedora 20 Graphics Test Week! We’re still working on the test day pages, but it’s all in hand. Tuesday 2013-10-22 will be Intel, Wednesday 2013-10-23 will be Radeon, and Thursday 2013-10-24 will be NVIDIA. Most excitingly for most people, we’re aiming to include a […]

SSD caching Test Day today (2013-10-13)

Sorry for the short notice, but I wasn’t expecting a Test Day on a Sunday! Today is SSD caching Test Day. This is a shiny new feature in Fedora 20 which supports using an SSD as a cache for a larger regular hard disk, using a kernel feature called bcache. As this is a brand […]

Upcoming Test Days, and Fedora 20 status

If anyone’s noticed I haven’t been around as much lately – I’m in Europe visiting family and friends (and, later this week, the Brno office!) If anything I’m busier than usual, but there’s a lot of dealing with personal administrivia and seeing people, so I’m not getting as much work done as usual. (Plus my […]

Sysadmin adventures: success, glorious success (also ssh tunnelling is awesome)

So I’m pretty happy with myself: I’m sitting in the airport, well off my home network, and all my stuff is still working. The mail server config I hacked up extensively to work with multiple users (never something I bothered to deal with before), and FreeIPA-based auth for almost all my services. I had a […]

Adventures in tech support

So, my laptop screen got broken on the way back from Flock, and ever since then I have been dealing intermittently with Dell trying to get it fixed under either the warranty or the rather expensive support contract we purchased from them, to so far, very little result. The system is now in a Dell […]

OpenID and Persona off again, temporarily

So the WordPress OpenID plugin is completely broken with PHP 5.5, and the hack I used to have Persona create a new user account on my blog if you didn’t already have one has kind of gotten outdated. So neither of those auth methods is much use for the blog any more. Accordingly, I’ve turned […]

Further sysadmin adventures: where’s my FreeIPA badge?

So, hey, I have a working FreeIPA deployment for After I put up my last post about how to do unified authentication for the various services I run through, I got like five tweets and a couple of comments telling me to use FreeIPA. It’s the obvious choice!, they said. It’s easy!, they […]

Per-domain DNS on Linux using a local caching server

More adventures in sysadmin time! I had a bit of a sticky conundrum to deal with this evening. After setting up local DNS yesterday, I realized I’d have a problem for machines I have that connect to the Red Hat VPN. Here’s the conundrum: my local DNS server can resolve, say, ‘’ – a box […]