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Sysadmin adventures: local DNS and more!

It’s 4am, Adam’s still up, and we’re not in a validation crunch…so that must mean he’s got his amateur sysadmin hat on! My latest ‘little’ project: setting up local DNS resolution for my network, and rationalizing a few hostnames and IP addresses so internal and external hostnames match and there aren’t ugly gaps in my […]

XMPP (Jabber): Surprisingly Better Than It Used To Be

tl;dr version: Jabber (now known as XMPP) is way better than it used to be. It’s super simple to set up an account, set up a decent modern Android or Linux client, and do text, voice and video(!!!) chat, and send files, and even do desktop remoting. And even host your own server if you […]

Airline Security Theatre, Part #5,659,100

The topic of airline security theatre is one that has been harped on before, but there’s always more to come, apparently. Checking in for my Air Canada flight home from vacation, I noticed a third question had been added to the stuff about whether some nefarious villain could have slipped something into one’s luggage, which […]

The effect of technology on labour markets

This article should be required reading for any newspaper columnist who writes one of those silly, superficial ‘omg technology is TAKING ALL THE JOBS’ articles. Actually, required reading for anyone. It looks at the precise impact of current trends in technology on various types of employment; every time I read one of the dumb thinkpieces […]

Happy happy joy joy: CalDAV works again

I am so happy right now I could actually bounce: with many thanks to the caldav-sync author Marten Gajda, I finally figured out what was wrong with my OwnCloud instance’s CalDAV support. I very briefly had a working CalDAV setup before – I could sync my desktop, laptop and phone and it all worked. It […]

Flock 2013, and re-attaching the tentacle

First things first: Flock 2013 was excellent, fantastic conference. You may have noticed I started out tweetin’ and bloggin’ up a storm, and then disappeared for a while. This is because, after attending some useful and interesting (and sometimes even both!) presentations for a couple of days, I discovered the glory and magnificence that is […]

The sweet, sweet smell of victory


Flock 2013 (and stuff)

Well hi there, strangers. I’m sitting in Robyn’s keynote at Flock 2013, so obviously I need to do something other than listen to what happened to her this one time at band camp (yep, really)! Also, I need to write a blog post so Fedora Badges will pick it up. Fedora Badges is the awesome […]

Special Fedora 19 Test Day for FreeIPA Active Directory Trust improvements tomorrow 2013-07-25!

The main Fedora 19 Test Day cycle wrapped up a few weeks back, but we’ve had a special request from the FreeIPA team to run a test day for some improvements to Fedora 19’s FreeIPA implementation – so we’re doing it! Tomorrow, Wednesday 2013-07-25, we’ll be testing a couple of new features that the team […]

Fedora 19/20 logfile explosions

PSA: if you’re running Fedora 19 or 20, I highly recommend you stop what you’re doing right now and do this instead. There are a couple of unfortunate bugs in F19/F20 right now which may well be screwing the hell out of your log files. systemd-journald bug combines with new rsyslog to eat your CPU […]