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Fedlet 2014-09-29 released

Hi, folks – announcing a new Fedlet image. sha256sum is aa2f1150e40965471fc2888db6aad7da52d98f36ce1224b630ba5ed99b28fd5e . This has been rigorously tested by me booting it and pressing a few buttons. It’s built on a 3.17 rc6 kernel and Fedora 21 userland. A couple of patches from Jan-Michael Brummer: one to make the ‘Home’ button on the Venue 8 Pro […]

Fedora release validation, through the ages

From: to: we’ve come a long way, baby…but mediawiki trucks on 🙂

Fedora 21 Alpha release, common bugs, relval, and wiki work

I’ve had quite the packed week, somehow. I started off on Monday with the regular QA meeting, then wrote up the initial Common Bugs page for Fedora 21 – many thanks to bitlord for adding a note on the ARM issue I didn’t really understand! As part of that, I did the usual thing where […]

Virtualization Test Day today!

Oh hi! Come in. I didn’t see you there. Don’t mind me, I’m just rewriting the entire damn wiki while pretending I know how to code stuff and doing stupid tricks with Wiki templates. I’ll try and get to a summary of my interesting week tomorrow. In the mean time! Today is Virtualization Test Day! […]

This week in Fedora QA: Fedora 21 Alpha validation, Cockpit and ARM Test Days

Hi folks! Well, your humble monkey has been spending more time than he strictly ought to pretending he’s a web developer this week, but Fedora 21 QA rolls on regardless. We have had some major headaches with getting Fedora 21 Alpha built, but as of this morning we finally have a release candidate. Network installs […]

New Fedlet build (finally)!

Yup, I finally got around to putting together a new build of Fedlet, my Fedora remix for Intel Bay Trail tablets like the Dell Venue 8 Pro, Asus T100, Lenovo Miix 2 and others. The new build has a current Fedora 21 userland and a 3.16 kernel, which brings some substantial hardware support improvements. Check […]

FreeIPA: setting polkit / PolicyKit rules for users (make your user a polkit administrator on your clients)

Yup, it’s another FreeIPA post! One thing you might notice if you move your main user account to FreeIPA is that your client systems don’t consider the user to be an ‘administrator’ for polkit (formerly known as PolicyKit) purposes. That is, when you run anything that uses PolicyKit for privilege escalation, you are prompted for […]

FreeIPA for amateurs: why?

You may have noticed I’ve posted a bit about FreeIPA recently, and also when I first set it up. Other smart folks have blogged about using FreeIPA before (note some of those links are old and refer to bugs that have long since been fixed, and workflows that have been long since improved – the […]

Adding your FreeIPA server’s CA certificate to the system-wide trust store on Fedora and RHEL

I noticed today that when I accessed my FreeIPA server’s web interface with Firefox it was considered to have a valid TLS certificate, but when I accessed it with Epiphany (GNOME’s “Web” browser) it was not. After some poking around I developed a suspicion that they were using different CA trust lists. This is where […]

Today in Fedora QA: Fedora 21 Alpha TC5, Internationalization Test Day

Hi folks! It’s a busy day today in Fedora QA. First off, the Fedora 21 Alpha release validation process ‘officially’ kicks off with the release of Alpha TC5. As you can probably tell from the number, we’ve generated a number of test composes already, but there were major issues with each one so they weren’t […]