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Possible outage notice

Hey folks! Power’s down here at Happyassassin Towers. My servers are on UPS for now, but if the outage goes on for more than an hour or so I’ll have to take them down to preserve the remaining UPS power to keep the internet connection up (so I can at least use my laptop). So […]

Fedora openQA now public

Well, I don’t know about everyone else, but this is a beautiful sight to me! As I’ve written about before, we’ve been using openQA for some time in Fedora testing – many thanks to the great folks over at openSUSE who work hard on it. It started as a sort of ad-hoc, skunkworks project, so […]

QA happenings, post-F23

Hi folks! I haven’t blogged for a while, so I thought I’d write up a few notes on what’s going on in QA now Fedora 23 has been released. We’ve been working for the last few years to improve ongoing validation testing outside of the Alpha/Beta/Final TC/RC system, so of course, we’re testing Fedora 24 […]

FreeIPA upgrade to Fedora 23 should be OK now

For anyone who didn’t catch it: FreeIPA upgrades to Fedora 23 should be OK now. See the edited version of the previous post for details.

PSA: You can (carefully) upgrade FreeIPA servers to Fedora 23 now

EDIT 2015-11-04: FreeIPA and pki-core that address the known upgrade bugs have now been pushed stable. It should now be OK to upgrade FreeIPA servers to Fedora 23, but I’d still advise you back the system up first, and check the package list from the upgrade carefully to make sure it’s upgrading to the correct […]

Cinnamon Test Day tomorrow (2015-10-08)

It’s time for the final Test Day of the Fedora 23 cycle: tomorrow, Thursday 2015-10-08, is Cinnamon Test Day. A nice simple one: we’ll be testing out the Cinnamon desktop on Fedora 23, particularly the new live spin, and making sure everything works well and looks right. If you’re a Cinnamon fan, interested in it, […]

OpenWRT on Zyxel NBG6716 (ar71xx nand) – upgrading to Chaos Calmer final

Well, I’ve had an interesting day… I wrote before about using OpenWRT on the Zyxel NBG6716. I’ve been using it ever since; I updated to newer snapshot Chaos Calmer builds a couple of times to fix a couple of minor wifi bugs, but I’d been sitting on a fairly old snapshot (from March 2015) for […]

Cloud Atomic Test Day on Tuesday (2015-09-22)

Hi folks! Just to let everyone know, we have another Test Day coming up on Tuesday 2015-09-22, Cloud Atomic Test Day. The wiki page isn’t up yet but should be soon. This will be a combined event with the fine folks over at CentOS, and the idea is to test both Fedora’s and CentOS’ Atomic […]

Identifying Fedora media redux: What is Atomic?

You may remember my post from yesterday, on whether a ‘Fedora Atomic’ flavor made sense, and how I think about identifying Fedora media for my fedfind project. Well, after talking it over with a few folks this morning and thinking some more, I’ve come to the conclusion that post was kind of wrong, on the […]

Identifying Fedora media

EDIT: With the immensely greater wisdom that comes with being a day older, I’m now more or less convinced this whole post is wrong. But instead of editing it and confusing people who read the original, I’ve left it here and written a follow-up. Please read that. Thanks to mizmo for inspiring this post. On […]