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ownCloud 8.0.0 preliminary testing for Fedora 21 / 22

Hey folks! For any ownCloud’ians out there; I worked some more on the OC 8 packages for Fedora today and I think they’re in reasonably testable shape now. I just updated my production deployment and it worked first time. IMPORTANT: back up really, really carefully before testing these out. They should work, but I want […]

ownCloud 8 and Fedlet 22(?) updates

Hi there folks! Between testing and working on my current work-related-ish pet projects fedfind and python-wikitcms/relval, I haven’t had much time for Fedlet or the ownCloud package lately. However, I finally managed to squeeze in a few hours to work on them this week. Fedlet The Fedlet repository now has a 3.20-pre kernel build that […]

Monospace fonts and freetype emboldening: a follow-up

Last week I wrote about some font stuff, mentioning along the way that it was prompted by an issue in freetype. If a font has no native bold version, Freetype can produce one algorithmically when an app asks for bold text. This mechanism makes the glyphs wider. This is a bit of a problem for […]

Fedora 22 Anaconda/DNF Test Day coming 2015-02-12!

That’s right, we’re kicking off the Fedora 22 Test Day cycle soon, with an Anaconda/DNF Test Day! One of the planned Changes in Fedora 22 is to make DNF the default console package manager, instead of yum. As part of this, we have been converting Anaconda, the Fedora installer, to use DNF rather than yum. […]

Font oddities: DejaVu Sans Mono, hinting, GNOME, and Evolution

Here’s a fun yak shave I had this morning! I started out running pylint on fedfind and finding several cases where it said my hanging indents were off. When I looked at the column count instead of eyeballing them, indeed they were – but when I matched the column count, it didn’t look right at […]

Fedora Finder (fedfind) first release out now

So I got my ‘Fedora Finder’ thing into releasable shape. You can read more on the fedfind page. It’s available from the same repo as python-wikitcms and relval – if you have that repo set up, just do yum install fedfind, and you too can find Fedora! Some examples from the fedfind page: fedfind images […]

WIP: Fedora Finder

Fedora Finder finds Fedoras. Funny what you wind up working on for QA. I’m currently working on a Thing which finds Fedoras. Feed it a Fedora pre-release, release, TC/RC, or nightly version and it’ll find the images from that version. At least, that’s the Grand Vision. So far I’m mostly focusing on TCs/RCs and nightlies, […]