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SSL certificate issues with reverse proxy subdomains when using python-requests with Python < 2.7.9

So I had an interesting issue today which I couldn’t find many Google results for, so I’ll create one! Many thanks to sigmavirus24 from #python-requests on Freenode for this – I’m just passing it on. I use reverse proxying quite a bit on, because I’ve only got one public IP address, but I don’t […]

Hardware refresh, March 2015

I don’t know if anyone else gets anything out of these posts, but I find myself referring back to them surprisingly frequently when I try to remember what the hell I have in my boxes, so you’re getting another one. 🙂 I’ve been doing some hardware overhauling here at HA Towers again. The last major […]

Fedora 22 i18n Test Day today!

Sorry for the late notice, but today is i18n Test Day in Freenode #fedora-test-day! The awesome Fedora i18n folks will be around all day, testing the language support of Fedora 22 and helping out anyone else who is interested in contributing. If you’re a Fedora user and you can use a computer in a language […]

Localization and Internationalization Test Week this week!

Ahoy, Fedora testers: this week is one of our regular ‘test weeks’ with multiple related test days. This week will see the localization (l10n) and internationalization (i18n) Test Days for Fedora 22. The always-awesome l10n and i18n teams have been organizing these as usual so I haven’t been too involved, but they’re looking to be […]

LVM: actually kind of awesome

LVM, huh? Always seems like kind of an unnecessary complication. Except, really it’s kind of awesome. I’ve done some hardware refreshing here at HA Towers lately. I replaced the virtual machine host box I built a couple of years back; it was running OK, but I keep wanting to play with new things and its […]

Fedora 22 Alpha, Ipsilon Test Day, openQA progress, and ownCloud status

Fedora 22 Alpha The big news this week is definitely that Fedora 22 Alpha is released! We even managed to ship this one on time, though as it’s an Alpha, it is of course not bug-free. For me the nicest thing about Fedora 22 is all the improvements in GNOME 3.16, which Alpha has a […]