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Downtime 3

Hey folks – just in case anyone was wondering, all of was down for the last ~23 hours because of a power outage here. Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused (not that I can think of much…:>)

Fedora 23 call for Test Days

Bit late blogging about this, but roshi sent out the Fedora 23 Call for Test Days at the end of June. We’ve been a bit light on Test Days for the last few cycles, focusing on release validation testing, but we’d love to put that right this time around! If you’re interesting in having a […]

Of DPIs, desktops, and toolkits

Fair warning up front: this is going to be one of my long, rambling, deep dives. It doesn’t even have a conclusion yet, just lots of messy details about what I’m trying to deal with. So this week I was aiming to do some work on our openQA stuff – ideally, add some extra tests […]

Testdays: an app for dealing with Test Day wiki pages

Just wanted to quickly announce another app in the ever-growing wikitcms/relval conglomerate: testdays. testdays is to Test Day pages as relval is to release validation pages: it’s a CLI app for interacting with Test Day pages, using the python-wikitcms module. Right now it only does one thing, really – generates statistics. You can’t (yet?) use […]