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i18n Test Day coming up tomorrow (2015-09-01)

It’s time for another Test Day tomorrow (2015-09-01)! Continuing the “all those places in the world that aren’t America” theme with i18n, it’s the i18n Test Day! Here we’ll be testing things like complex language input, rendering of non-Latin text, and DNF langpack installation. If you have some time to stop by and help out, […]

Looking for new maintainer for Fedora / EPEL ownCloud packages

So I’ve been maintaining ownCloud for the last little while. Unfortunately I sat down today to try again and update the package to the latest upstream (8.1.1), and somewhere in the second hour of insanely stupid PHP autoloader code, I just snapped. I can’t take this crap any more. I only personally really needed OC […]

Trained professional at work

Ever wondered what HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM we use in Fedora QA to test different SATA controllers? Well, wonder no more! Why yes, that is a whole pile of cheap SATA cables poking through a hole I hacked out of my test box’s extremely cheap case with pliers, thanks for asking. Four extension cables – two […]

Programming note: no Cloud Test Day tomorrow

Hi folks! Eager Test Day-ers may have seen the trac ticket and/or Test Day calendar entry for a Cloud Test Day tomorrow (2015-08-27), but please know that it’s no longer going to happen as all the bits are not yet in place. It will be run some time in September instead. The Cloud team will […]

Flock 2015 report, and Fedora nightly compose testing

Hi, folks! I’ve been waiting to write my post-Flock report until I had some fun stuff to show off, because that’s more exciting than just a bunch of ‘I went to this talk and then talked to this person’, right? Fedora nightly compose testing So let me get to the shiny first! Without further ado: […]

Flock 2015 pre-post-wrap-up

The oddest thing about events like Flock, for me, is how you can go to them for a week and manage not to see someone else who was there at all – apparently I was more or less in the same hotel as mclasen and kk4ewt for a week without once saying hi. Strange! I’ll […]

Fedora 23 l10n Test Day: 2015-08-18 and NetworkManager Test Day: 2015-08-20

Hi folks! So the Fedora 23 Test Day schedule is swinging into gear next week, with the l10n Test Day. l10n is localization: for the test day, the goal is to check the ‘availability and accuracy’ of translations for several of Fedora’s major desktop applications. If you’re proficient in any language besides English, it would […]

Fedora 23 Alpha and more

Hi folks! So what’s new? Fedora 23 Alpha Well, the big news is that Fedora 23 Alpha is released today. This was definitely a bit of a ‘don’t look in the sausage factory!’ release during the validation / approval process, but in the end it’s pretty much a standard Alpha. It mostly works fine. As […]

Fedlet 2015-08-10 available

So here’s a lil’ pre-Flock present for all you crazy Baytrail-ers – a new Fedlet image. Get your 2015-08-10 while it’s hot, over at the fedlet page. This is pretty much just a rebase of the kernel to 4.2rc6 in an F23 Alpha userland. I built a GTK+ package with a patch from Jan-Michael to […]

Fedora repository for Doom stuff: Odamex, Zandronum, Doomseeker, CnDoom

I had a bit of free time over the last few days, and looked at the current state of the art for Doom on Linux. The awesome Rahul Sundaram has been looking after several Doom-related packages for a while – including the Chocolate Doom package – but there are some things that seem to be […]