So I’m posting this in the Red Hat category despite it having nothing at all to do with Fedora because you guys all need more hockey in your lives. And also to rub it in Greg’s face. I’ll hook you up with a link to the Canucks team store later, Greg! Canucks win 2-1 in […]

More techno-fiddling

So today was another day of poking at my shiny stuff. I re-flashed my phone with the awesome Titan Reloaded ROM, which is a tweaked and optimized Windows Mobile 6.1 build with the HTC TouchFlo interface that showed up in later models. I also upgraded the radio firmware and installed WmWifiRouter, which makes a Windows […]

Whelk, meet supernova

I just saw the Dutch baseball team (yes, Dutch readers, you have one!) beat the Dominican Republic (stacked with MLB all-stars) for the second time in a week. That’s so ridiculously improbable I don’t know where to start. Good on ’em. Great team play, amazing pitching.

Intel GMA 500 (Poulsbo) graphics on Linux: a precise and comprehensive summary as to why you’re screwed

So, poking around idly on Google this morning, I came across the interesting fact that there is, in fact, a native Linux driver for Intel GMA 500 – Poulsbo – graphics on Linux. Don’t get excited, though. It’s not like it’s actually any use. That was the summary. Here’s the gory details… As I wrote […]


So, after today’s baseball, the only thing I have to say is… go Red Sox. Mets? Mets? Who are they? They play ball?

Review of Flash in The Register

I was happy to be able to get a review of the new 2008 Spring Flash into The Register, one of the biggest U.K. tech news sites – sometimes writing lots of nitpicking letters to journalists pays off, who knew :). Of course, it was good that their reviewer liked it – that always helps… […]


Baseball’s a strange world sometimes. Recent goings on with the Mets: First, we make a low-risk trade for a veteran pitcher (Jose Lima). He has past success (1998-1999 in Houston, pitched over 230 innings each year, 37 wins combined, ERA under 4) and a poor recent record (2005 in Kansas City, only 5 wins with […]


So I lost the first round of the Coquitlam Open 3.5 yesterday 7-5 6-2, mostly due to some extremely dodgy calls on the part of my opponent. First up, I’m serving 30-40 down at 1-1, second serve, a ball from the next court rolls onto our court, he stops play to send it back, then […]


Team W L PCT GB New York 3 1 .750 – Atlanta 2 2 .500 1.0 Washington 1 2 .333 1.5 Florida 1 3 .250 2.0 Philadelphia 0 4 .000 3.0 OK, we’re only 2% of the way through the season. But when you’re a Mets fan, you take what you can get…

Life in general

Hmm, time for a general-y update. The best thing to happen lately is that the weather suddenly got much better – it stopped raining last weekend and hasn’t started again yet. Thus I managed to play tennis six days out of seven last week, which was nice (if rather tiring and, by Sunday, inducing nasty […]