Fedora 22 (and later) nightly testing

Right around the release of Fedora 21, I talked to the anaconda team a bit about the idea of doing more organized early validation testing for Fedora 22. We later discussed and approved the idea at a QA meeting, and since then I’ve been working on the bits to make it all run smoothly. We […]

wikitcms and ownCloud stuff

For my salary this week I mostly worked on relval/wikitcms – I shipped 1.7 yesterday which is a major rewrite, on top of recent updates which added support for nightly build testing. relval nightly can create the validation pages for nightly composes, relval report-results can report results in them, and relval testcase-stats and relval user-stats […]

Heroes of Fedora 21 Testing

Everyone’s favourite roshi has written up the first Heroes of Fedora 21 post in the Fedora Magazine, with data on the many folks who contributed release validation testing to Fedora 21. Many thanks to everyone who helped out! Look out for parts 2 and 3 in the series, coming soon.

Fedora 21 greatest hits: non-Server non-live installs, fedup product behaviour

Hi, Fedora-ites! So here’s a couple of things I’ve seen popping up multiple times with the Fedora 21 release. I thought I’d note them down here for my readers, Planet Fedora, and also as a handy link target for answering them in future. Traditional installs – how do I install something other than Server? Where’s […]

Downtime today: upgrade day

Just a heads-up there’ll probably be downtime on this site (and other happyassassin servers, though that mostly matters only to me :>) today – it’s upgrade day! Everything’s going to F21 (except my desktop, which is going to F22). If you hear explosions from Canada, you’ll know why.

Fedora 21 comes out tomorrow, Fedora 22 testing: yup, we’re on it

Fedora 21 will be released tomorrow – warm up your downloader! You can read all about what’s coming in the release announcement, and you’ll be able to grab it from the brand new download page. Overall, I’m pretty impressed with what all the great Fedora contributors have managed to pull off for the Fedora 21 […]

Fedora 21 undergoing final testing

We’re now hopefully in the final straight of Fedora 21 testing! We’re actually relatively on top of the schedule this time around, as compared to previous releases – by Thursday we’ll have had nearly 48 hours to test the current (and hopefully final!) package set (across the RC2 and RC4 composes). If you want to […]

It’s a good thing they pay me to break stuff

Had an interesting couple of days deep-diving into juicy issues. Yesterday’s was triggered by me messing up the Fedora kernel package git repository – whoops. I keep Fedlet’s kernel as a branch that only exists in my checkout; it’s not pushed anywhere (I should just push it out on my git server now I have […]

Fedlet 20141124: rotation and backlight on Venue 8 Pro, wifi on T100(?)

Hi folks! Just a quick note that I’ve sent out a new release of Fedlet, my Fedora remix for 32-bit Bay Trail-based tablets like the Dell Venue 8 Pro, Asus T100, and Lenovo Miix 2. The new release, 20141124, can be found on the Fedlet page. It adds sensor-based rotation for the Venue 8 Pro […]

Stupid Fedora tricks: prune livecd-creator cache directory

Here’s a really dumb python script that prunes the livecd-creator cache directory – or, any directory with a big lump of RPM files in it, really. It finds (roughly, but we’re not going for the World Accuracy Prize here) multiple versions of the same package and removes all but the newest one (it relies on […]