Please build this for me: GNOME sync

So, this is really just a random feature request being thrown out to the cold unfeeling lazyweb. But hey, it’s easy to type. GNOME folks, you have GNOME Online Accounts, which is one of the best features of GNOME 3 – a really nice and robust desktop-wide generic mechanism for pulling stuff from and pushing […]

How to do manual multi-boot configuration with Fedora

One thing that always seems to be a pain point with Linux distributions and installers is handling multi-boot. There are some fairly notorious cases, and a lot more less commonly-considered ones which people making distributions and installers nevertheless have to consider. Prior to Fedora 18, you could install Fedora’s bootloader to a partition header, which […]

Doings (including a not-too-short and possibly wildly inaccurate history of PHP class loading, for some reason), and OpenID is back (for now)

Doings Edit: As you can probably see, I also decided to switch up my blog theme, finally. Wanted something minimalist and single-column, and this looks decent. I also put a bit of effort into getting half-decent rendering of preformatted/code blocks, and installed an extension to let me write blog entries in Markdown, yay. Sorry for […]

The Fedlet, revived (or, Fedora Linux on a Dell Venue 8 Pro – “Bay Trail”)

I’ve always thought it’d be kinda cool to be able to run Fedora on a tablet. There are some others who’d like this too, and we’ve had the ‘Fedora Mini’ and ‘Fedora Mobility’ sub-projects sort of targeting this in the past, but we never really quite got there. I call this mythical tablet on which […]

Power management Test Day tomorrow (2013-11-14)

Coming up tomorrow – or today, depending on your region! – we have the final scheduled Test Day of the Fedora 20 cycle, power management Test Day! This is another recurring event, where we test out power management functions across as broad a range of hardware as possible. Just about anyone can easily contribute to […]

PSA: Back up your router configuration

So as we finally signed off on Fedora 20 Beta this morning (with so much handwaving I felt like my shoulder was about to come off at the joint), and I looked forward to a slightly quiet morning… …my router spontaneously decided to reset itself to factory settings. That. That. Did not. Amuse. Me. This […]

Fedora 20 KDE 4.11 Test Day, and Fedora 20 Beta RC5 validation

First off, we have another Test Day coming up: tomorrow (or today, for a few of you!), Thursday 2013-11-07, is KDE 4.11 Test Day. We have a good set of test cases ready in the awesome Test Day results app, we have a custom live image with KDE 4.11.3 packages included, and we’ll have QA […]

Graphics Test Week kicks off soon!

As I promised last week, here’s another post about Graphics Test Week. We have the wiki pages and test result pages in place now, so everything’s nearly ready to go – I’m just tuning the special Test Day live images at present. We’ll be kicking off tomorrow, Tuesday 2013-10-22, with Intel graphics Test Day, then […]

Fedora 20 Graphics Test Week next week!

Yes, the time is nearly upon us: next week will be Fedora 20 Graphics Test Week! We’re still working on the test day pages, but it’s all in hand. Tuesday 2013-10-22 will be Intel, Wednesday 2013-10-23 will be Radeon, and Thursday 2013-10-24 will be NVIDIA. Most excitingly for most people, we’re aiming to include a […]

Sysadmin adventures: success, glorious success (also ssh tunnelling is awesome)

So I’m pretty happy with myself: I’m sitting in the airport, well off my home network, and all my stuff is still working. The mail server config I hacked up extensively to work with multiple users (never something I bothered to deal with before), and FreeIPA-based auth for almost all my services. I had a […]