Moving target

Heh, trying to keep a website running on Cooker is interesting. MySQL shut itself down for a bit, there, probably after I did an urpmi. Ah well. Played four points of tennis this morning before it started raining. It’s June on the Pacific coast, for Pete’s sake, and it’s been raining all week. Ah well, […]


Ah, that feels better. Went back to the racket store today, returned the Babolat, bought an NPro Surge and got them to lend me the Surge demo racket to play with this morning, while mine is being strung. Had a much more enjoyable game and won 5-7, 6-2, 6-4, 6-4, playing quite nicely after the […]

Rain, rain, go away

Played doubles yesterday, as the courts were full; won 7-5 playing with my regular singles opponent, we went down 4-2 then played very nicely till the end. Was looking forward to a second set, but it started raining – pity. I took the NPro Surge which I’ve been trying out back to the store (liked […]


Been doing some more work on the Knowledge Base; last night I updated the page on services, which I thought would be a fifteen minute quicky and turned out to be an all night slog. Tom B., when he wrote the stuff initially, included a comprehensive list of all the services in MDK. When I […]


Hold the front page! I am now syndicated. Yay me. Thanks to Michael Scherer and the rest of the Planet Mandriva team (there’s a Planet Mandriva team? That seems scary. Are they like Team Rocket?) for setting up this planet to aggregate the sites of Mandriva-related people. Check it out now, it’s spiffy. Go on.

Tennis, and things.

So I did go and play tennis again this morning, this time I won, 6-3 7-5. Very nice game. I serve-volleyed every point and chip-charged every return, which is a great play against just about anyone who’s not a very, very good player, even if you’re only an average volleyer. You’ll win 50% or more […]

A quick guide to urpmi –parallel

The Mandriva package manager, urpmi, is woefully underappreciated, I always feel. So here’s a quick guide to one of its cooler features… urpmi parallel mode does what it sounds like; you run an urpmi command and it happens on many machines in parallel. In more detail – the machine you run the command on tests […]

1337 h4x0r

My non-Mandriva job was interesting yesterday; the company’s DNS servers went down for a couple of hours, which brought everything to its knees while the IS group’s minions ran around with paper lists of IP addresses for important services. However, the neat thing was that everything else still worked, and I was sitting next to […]

Ubuntu special sauce?

Sorry, what the hell is it about Ubuntu again? A couple of months ago we (Mandriva) announced a European tie-up with HP to have MDV supported and shipped on several HP machines across their range. Resultant coverage in the press, geek press, blogosphere? Zip. Ubuntu announce a similar tie-up two months later, and everyone goes […]

Mandriva LE 2005 available

So we got the new release out. There was a little last-minute craziness (when you wake up on a release date and go to the company chat to check progress, you *really* don’t want the first word that catches your eye to be ‘e2fsck’…) but everything’s done now. It’ll be interesting to see how well […]