The ankle is now somewhat less swollen but impressively multi-coloured. I can more or less walk in a straight line but any kind of physical exercise is still a couple of days off, I think. Oh well, more time to work. 🙂 Just wanted to throw up a couple of pictures I took recently. First, […]


Sometimes, you do really stupid things in the name of enjoyment. At 5-6 in the first set of my tennis game today, I chased a lob back from the net, turned sharply and hit a nice forehand winner into the corner of the ad court. As I did this, I went right over on my […]


Hold the front page! I am now syndicated. Yay me. Thanks to Michael Scherer and the rest of the Planet Mandriva team (there’s a Planet Mandriva team? That seems scary. Are they like Team Rocket?) for setting up this planet to aggregate the sites of Mandriva-related people. Check it out now, it’s spiffy. Go on.

Tennis, and things.

So I did go and play tennis again this morning, this time I won, 6-3 7-5. Very nice game. I serve-volleyed every point and chip-charged every return, which is a great play against just about anyone who’s not a very, very good player, even if you’re only an average volleyer. You’ll win 50% or more […]

Stuff and things

Apart from ruminating, I’ve had quite a nice week. I stopped working for Shaw (or rather, was informed by my agency – by email – that I’d stopped working for Shaw. That’s employee relations for you!), so I now have lots more time for things. At Mandriva, we launched the updated Club 2005 LE release, […]


Those of you who do not avail yourselves of fine Japanese televisual entertainment are probably unaware of the concept of ‘filler’ as applied in this context. So be educated! Japanese animated television shows (anime) are, almost invariably, based on Japanese comics (manga). They usually start their run fairly soon after the manga begins. Each TV […]


Via John Fleck I come across the American right’s List of Evil Books. Fairly predictable list, but notable for one wonderful piece of logic, discussing Keynesian economics: “When the business cycle threatens a contraction of industry, and thus of jobs, he argued, the government should run up deficits, borrowing and spending money to spur economic […]


I went to see the new Star Wars movie last night. It was pretty good. Not as good as II or V, but good. Coming off I and II the fact that George Lucas can’t write dialogue (especially romantic dialogue) to save his life is no longer a surprise, Ewan McGregor’s performance was closer to […]

busy busy busy

Longer post still on its way, I promise! It’s all go around here. Both of my jobs are crazy busy and still busy showing the parents Vancouver at its finest, so haven’t had much time to spare. Of course, I picked up Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee for my PSP a few days ago and […]


Last night’s Naruto was one heck of a show…they’ve been dragging out the slow, character-driven episodes for a few weeks then this week went for an all-out action-based extravaganza instead. It was pretty much relentless, and it managed to get people going ‘holy crap, that’s cool’…which in the world of anime, where every little clone […]