openQA and Autocloud result submission to ResultsDB

So I’ve just arrived back from a packed two weeks in Brno, and I’ll probably have some more stuff to post soon. But let’s lead with some big news! One of the big topics at Devconf and around the RH offices was the ongoing effort to modernize both Fedora and RHEL’s overall build processes to […]

wikitcms, relval, fedfind and testdays moved to Pagure

Today I moved several of my pet projects from the cgit instance on this server to Pagure. You can now find them here: (python-)wikitcms relval fedfind testdays The home page URLs for each project on this server – e.g. – also now redirect to the Pagure project pages. I also deleted some other repos […]

Fedora 24 and Rawhide: What’s goin’ on (aka why is everything awful)

Hi folks! Welp, I was doing a Fedora 24 status update in the QA meeting this morning, and figured a quick(ish) summary of what all is going on in Fedora 24 and Rawhide right now might also be of interest to a wider audience. So, uh, the executive summary is: stuff’s busted. Lots of stuff […]

Identifying Fedora media redux: What is Atomic?

You may remember my post from yesterday, on whether a ‘Fedora Atomic’ flavor made sense, and how I think about identifying Fedora media for my fedfind project. Well, after talking it over with a few folks this morning and thinking some more, I’ve come to the conclusion that post was kind of wrong, on the […]

Identifying Fedora media

EDIT: With the immensely greater wisdom that comes with being a day older, I’m now more or less convinced this whole post is wrong. But instead of editing it and confusing people who read the original, I’ve left it here and written a follow-up. Please read that. Thanks to mizmo for inspiring this post. On […]

Flock 2015 report, and Fedora nightly compose testing

Hi, folks! I’ve been waiting to write my post-Flock report until I had some fun stuff to show off, because that’s more exciting than just a bunch of ‘I went to this talk and then talked to this person’, right? Fedora nightly compose testing So let me get to the shiny first! Without further ado: […]

Testdays: an app for dealing with Test Day wiki pages

Just wanted to quickly announce another app in the ever-growing wikitcms/relval conglomerate: testdays. testdays is to Test Day pages as relval is to release validation pages: it’s a CLI app for interacting with Test Day pages, using the python-wikitcms module. Right now it only does one thing, really – generates statistics. You can’t (yet?) use […]

Post-F22 plans

Hi, folks! I’ve been away on vacation for a few weeks, but I’m back now – if you’d been holding off bugging me about something, please commence bugging now. Of course, I have a metric assload of email backlog to dig out from under. I’ll probably have lots more on the list fairly soon, but […]

LinuxFest NorthWest 2015, ownCloud 8 for stable Fedora / EPEL

LinuxFest NorthWest 2015 As I have for many of the last few years, I attended LinuxFest NorthWest this year. It’s been fun to watch this conference grow from a couple hundred people to nearly 2,000 while retaining its community-based and casual atmosphere – I’d like to congratulate and thank the organizers and volunteers who work […]

Fedora 22 Alpha, Ipsilon Test Day, openQA progress, and ownCloud status

Fedora 22 Alpha The big news this week is definitely that Fedora 22 Alpha is released! We even managed to ship this one on time, though as it’s an Alpha, it is of course not bug-free. For me the nicest thing about Fedora 22 is all the improvements in GNOME 3.16, which Alpha has a […]