Fedora Finder (fedfind) first release out now

So I got my ‘Fedora Finder’ thing into releasable shape. You can read more on the fedfind page. It’s available from the same repo as python-wikitcms and relval – if you have that repo set up, just do yum install fedfind, and you too can find Fedora! Some examples from the fedfind page: fedfind images […]

WIP: Fedora Finder

Fedora Finder finds Fedoras. Funny what you wind up working on for QA. I’m currently working on a Thing which finds Fedoras. Feed it a Fedora pre-release, release, TC/RC, or nightly version and it’ll find the images from that version. At least, that’s the Grand Vision. So far I’m mostly focusing on TCs/RCs and nightlies, […]

Documenting Wikitcms

A few folks had asked me to document all the various things I did to the wiki during the Fedora 21 cycle, related to the release validation test result pages – the system for creating them from templates, and the interaction with python-wikitcms and relval. I already added template documentation for most of the template […]

Fedora 22 (and later) nightly testing

Right around the release of Fedora 21, I talked to the anaconda team a bit about the idea of doing more organized early validation testing for Fedora 22. We later discussed and approved the idea at a QA meeting, and since then I’ve been working on the bits to make it all run smoothly. We […]

wikitcms and ownCloud stuff

For my salary this week I mostly worked on relval/wikitcms – I shipped 1.7 yesterday which is a major rewrite, on top of recent updates which added support for nightly build testing. relval nightly can create the validation pages for nightly composes, relval report-results can report results in them, and relval testcase-stats and relval user-stats […]

Fedora 21 Beta, wikitcms/relval improvements, more stupid mediawiki tricks, working on laptops…

I really should blog more, shouldn’t I? Today’s big news, of course, is that Fedora 21 Beta is out! Fedora 21 Beta It was an interesting release to test, with a lot of the practical consequences of the ‘Product-ization’ effort getting shaken out. There are still some fudges and rough bits here and there […]

Being a Sporadic Overview Of Linux Distribution Release Validation Processes

Yup, that’s what this is. It’s kind of in-progress, I’ll probably add to it later, haven’t looked into what Arch or Debian or a few other likely suspects do. Fedora Manual testing Our glorious Fedora uses Mediawiki to manage both test cases and test results for manual release validation. This is clearly ludicrous, but works […]

I wrote a thing: relval / wikitcms 1.1, Fedora QA wiki test management tool

I think I might finally have to hand in my ‘I don’t code’ card. As I buried in another post last week, I wrote a thing – Relval (and wikitcms). relval is a tool for interacting with the Fedora wiki, as it is used by the Fedora QA team for managing test results. It’s an […]