busy busy busy

Longer post still on its way, I promise! It’s all go around here. Both of my jobs are crazy busy and still busy showing the parents Vancouver at its finest, so haven’t had much time to spare. Of course, I picked up Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee for my PSP a few days ago and […]


My parents are here now – longer post with pictures of bears and so forth to come. However, a quick one – occasionally something happens that really demonstrates the point of open source. The soundcard in my desktop PC is a Chaintech AV-710, which I bought because it has excellent stereo output if you use […]


Last night’s Naruto was one heck of a show…they’ve been dragging out the slow, character-driven episodes for a few weeks then this week went for an all-out action-based extravaganza instead. It was pretty much relentless, and it managed to get people going ‘holy crap, that’s cool’…which in the world of anime, where every little clone […]


Everyone else is doing it, why can’t I?

A quick guide to urpmi –parallel

The Mandriva package manager, urpmi, is woefully underappreciated, I always feel. So here’s a quick guide to one of its cooler features… urpmi parallel mode does what it sounds like; you run an urpmi command and it happens on many machines in parallel. In more detail – the machine you run the command on tests […]


Bought a new printer today – a Samsung ML-1740, (very) cheap laser printer. I was a bit stunned at the prices you can pay for a laser printer today…this thing cost CAN$130, which is crazy. Doesn’t seem like so long ago a ‘cheap’ laser was £399. It seems to do exactly what it says on […]


I saw The Decemberists at the Commodore Ballroom on Saturday night – excellent show. It’s reassuring to know America is still capable of providing songwriters who can deploy words like ‘rastabout’ and ‘purloined’ with effect and accuracy. 🙂 Most enjoyable moment was the epic ‘The Mariner’s Revenge Song’, an eight minute story of one man’s […]

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together…

Ah, I love it when something just works. I bought a tiny little wireless keyboard and mouse for the HTPC today, plugged the receiver in, did the pairing up thing, started typing, and it worked right off. Range isn’t brilliant – it’s an RF thing, so just a couple of metres – but it’ll do […]

1337 h4x0r

My non-Mandriva job was interesting yesterday; the company’s DNS servers went down for a couple of hours, which brought everything to its knees while the IS group’s minions ran around with paper lists of IP addresses for important services. However, the neat thing was that everything else still worked, and I was sitting next to […]

new toy

Sorry I’ve been quiet the last few days…work’s been busy, and I’ve been distracted by the new toy! As I mentioned before, my phone is deadski, so I bought a new one. It’s a PalmOne Treo 600. It’s completely brilliant. It’s a PDA phone which makes a great PDA and a great phone, it does […]