Holy cow, I'm tired. And pissed.

I had a wonderful day today. Just wonderful. I spent the first two hours of it shopping in a horrible crowded mall. It's incredibly cold outside, so I had three layers of clothes, a thick hat and gloves on. The mall people aren't smart enough to figure out that most of their customers actually come from outside and will therefore be wearing very warm clothes, and that people shopping in malls don't generally take off most of their clothes and carry them around. So they have the thermostats set right up at 23 or something, which just means everyone in the mall is too hot and therefore too stressed and no-one is happy. Great for business, I'm sure.

Anyway. So I sweated my way around the mall and waddled home with seventeen metric tons of groceries. Through the cold.

But that was just the prelude. Having done that, I had to clean the house.

In our house, this mostly involves folding my partner's clothes. He has lots of clothes. His idea of storage is "make the piles on the floor really neat". So folding took quite some time. There's also the fact that he wears some really odd clothes, some of which appear to defy folding. How you fold a top which takes the form of a mostly circular piece of fabric with random straps attached to it, I don't know. Maybe I should call the maternal unit and see what she thinks. Anyway, once all the folding was done, all I had to do was tidy all the crap off the table. And the floors. And all the shelves. Then clean the table, and the floors, and the shelves. Then take two bags of trash and assorted recycling down to the basement. Then clean the kitchen. Then do the washing up. Then do the laundry.

Once THAT was done, I had to fiddle with the cables on the TV / playstation / HTPC Entertainment Complex in the living room. Then I was done! All I had to do after that was...my actual job. Which I just finished up, about 11p.m.

Around 10p.m. my partner arrived home from work, took in my epic efforts, and complained that the new entertainment complex arrangement meant he now has to press two buttons instead of one to watch TV while he sits on the couch, throws his clothes on the floor, eats, and turns the table into a large flat rubbish bin again.

Think loving thoughts. Loving...thoughts. Hatchets bad. Don't think about hatchets.

Oh well. At least I picked up the complete series DVD of Firefly while I was shopping, so I have something to sit and relax in front of tomorrow. And I'm not bloody well cleaning ANYTHING.


jedikaos wrote on 2005-12-05 12:05:
Hello Adam! How's it all going? Apart from the cleaning, I mean... :)