Had a bit of an adventurous day today (well, not by 'climbing Everest on a camel' standards, but you know what I mean). Under the time-honoured Sod's Law, Gran Turismo 4 came out on budget a week after I got GT3, so I picked up a copy. Came home to find it wouldn't boot. Our PS2 is a fairly old one we got cheap second hand, and its laser has obviously been having trouble for some time now - games take a long time to load and we'd come across a few that won't load unless it's sideways, or won't really load at all, etc. This one was the last straw, though - I really wanted to play it, so I looked up a couple of guides for How To Do Exciting Things To Your High Tech Console With A Couple Of Screwdrivers. Opening it up was pretty easy, much like a PC case really, and I gave the lens a clean and adjusted the angle of the lens to the disc (there's a little flywheel that tilts it about). Put it back together and it seems to have done the trick - GT4 boots now, and all our other games start a lot faster. It won't read PS1 games any more (makes scary noises then refuses to read the disc), but that's not a big problem. Success! Not a lot else happening, really. Oh, it's been snowing, which is mildly disconcerting. Still got a few games of tennis in, though.


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