I love Americans

You gotta love the Americans...

I watched the Canadian Grand Prix this morning. Another fairly dull F1 race, but provided a nice contrast to what followed. I remember one driver coming into the pits with a damaged nose cone, the team switched it out for a new one in about fifteen seconds.

Then I happened to catch the start of a Nascar race at Infineon (Sear's Point). After a big smash caused by some terrible driving on lap 1, five cars ended up totalled or in the pits. When they finally managed to clean the damage up several laps later (I've never seen any accident in F1 take more than two laps to clear up, and that was considered terribly lax), one of the cars was still in the pits. Cut to a shot of the pit crew frantically bashing on the hood with hammers. Commentators: "...and they're still working on the car..."

Well, yeah, that's one way to describe it :). Still, less professionalism, much more fun...


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