Aw, crap

So I just HAD to go and discover a couple of sites today:

Threadless t-shirts

American Apparel overstock

I was ALREADY broke. Now I'm gonna be, like, super-broke or something. Sigh...

(btw, for anyone wondering why I haven't written much about work lately, reason is that there's nothing much interesting to write. 2007 is in the works and I should probably start working on Inside #3, I figure it would be good for it to come out around the same time as 2007. That's about it!)


Stew wrote on 2006-08-15 21:58:
Haha, sorry Adam. O:) So which shirts did you get?
adamw wrote on 2006-08-15 23:07:
didn't get any from threadless yet - I have to load up my credit card first. Just the AA ones.