So now 2007 is mostly done for everyone except Warly (who's still busy in the kitchen trying to cook up seventeen thousand different ISOs), I've mostly stopped testing / bug herding and moved on to the stuff surrounding the release. In particular I've been trying to keep the release notes and errata in order, making sure they're as comprehensive as possible, in good English, and written in sufficient detail for normal users to be able to understand and follow them (this usually involves expanding the two-line notes written by developers by about twenty lines :>). I'm also planning to talk to Warly and dbarth about the post-2007 plans: what will happen about post-release updates, and also what we will be doing about Club editions.

But then all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so instead of doing any really productive work this morning, I grabbed the new NVIDIA beta drivers (many thanks to Anssi from PLF for packaging them so quickly) and poked about for a bit trying to get compiz working on them. The major new feature of the 9xxx driver series is support for the GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap extension, which should allow compiz to work directly on the NVIDIA driver (it's not using AIGLX, contrary to popular misunderstandings: AIGLX is an X.org bit that allows drivers that use the X.org DRI infrastructure, like the open source ATI and Intel drivers, to provide the texture_from_pixmap extension. The NVIDIA driver doesn't use the DRI system and provides texture_from_pixmap directly, so AIGLX doesn't come into play). However, I wasn't successful. Going by the notes on the nvnews forums, our compiz and compiz-quinnstorm are probably both too old. I'll try again once we get newer versions into Cooker.


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