I nuked my /home partition.


I was trying to resize it and move a bunch of stuff to a dedicated new partition, in order to make backing up /home easier. Only I forgot that shrinking reiserfs partitions just doesn't really work. And I also was in a bit too much of a hurry to take a backup before I did this thing that was supposed to make taking backups easier.

So the upshot is that all I have left of my /home partition (y'know, five years worth of email, about ten years worth of 'Documents', including immigration related stuff, work stuff, and all my old school papers...) is a /home/lost+found containing about 1.5GB of cryptically named files that I really don't have the energy to sort through.

Ah, well. View it as a bit of spring cleaning.

I took the opportunity to re-implement my web and mail servers; instead of everything running directly on my desktop, they'll now be VMware virtual machines. I've moved the mail server over already and I'll do the webserver tomorrow. It's working out very nicely so far, actually - I managed to do a very nice minimal install of 2007 (only about 600MB big, boots to a console in under a minute inside VMware and uses about 40MB of RAM sitting idle, 65MB actually serving mail), and got everything set up and working again pretty quickly. So now I can at least get at my new mails. This way of doing things will make it much easier to back up the mail and web servers, and also to move them around and other fun stuff like that. The web server might be a bit more complicated to migrate, but I should be able to get it done over the weekend.

Oh, well. It keeps me busy...


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