Contacts server?

Lazyweb, O lazyweb. I was struck today by the notion it would be quite neat to share my address book between Evolution running on my desktop, Evolution running on my laptop, and the roundcube webmail system.

A bit of basic Googling suggests I could probably do this via OpenLDAP, but it looks like using a nuclear bomb to crack a nut. Is there a more modest server in tune with my modest aims? Or is it really, really easy to set up OpenLDAP for just such a basic requirement?


jkeller wrote on 2006-11-29 17:58:
I'd be very interested in hearing whatever you found out. Any luck in getting ideas?
Benjamin Oakes wrote on 2010-01-16 03:19:
Conctacts Server (uses the new CardDAV standard, written in Python by Apple) might be a good fit if you still need something like this. I've never set it up, however. Link: