Y'know, I've tried to like Windows. Really. I have. I'm willing to overlook its little foibles...its big foibles...and hell, even some downright blunders, but I just keep running up against things that put me into a cheerfully homicidal rage.

Latest - Windows does not support multiple partitions on a USB storage device.

Not even Windows VISTA supports multiple partitions on a USB storage device.

Hello? Microsoft? Anybody home? Why in the name of hell would you DO this? How hard could it be to support? What does NOT supporting it accomplish?

I was playing around with LUKS encryption today to test a fix for a 2007 bug and it struck me that it would be quite neat to carry around a USB storage device with some of my stuff on it, so I planned to split a 128MB SD card I have lying around into a 32MB partition with the FreeOTFE software on it (the Windows app for accessing LUKS devices) and a 96MB LUKS-encrypted partition with all my sekrit data on it. That way I could just stick it in a Windows machine (SD card readers are invariably USB-based), run FreeOTFE off the first partition to mount the encrypted second partition, and bingo, there's my data, all nice and safe.

But no. No. I'm only allowed one partition.

£(^)£^_("%_£^*ing Microsoft. Sheesh. Five years and they couldn't fix this?


gw666 wrote on 2006-11-24 17:46:
Oh Adam, it is your own fault, you should have reported this during the beta cycle of Windows Vista to http://bugzilla.microsoft.com
adamw wrote on 2006-11-24 18:02:
Heheh. Actually, to be fair, they did have a bug tracking system for beta testers. I never got around to installing one of the betas, though.