Post-2007 Spring

So, very happy with the positive response to 2007 Spring so far. Even had some good responses from the Ubuntu forums, which is more than I dared hope for. Hoping to see some good press soon which will sustain interest in the new release.

On my front, I fixed hydrogen (a drum machine app) for 2007.1 since it wasn't running (built against an old libflac), and backported Transmission 0.7 final to 2007.0 and 2007.1. Transmission is the best BitTorrent client I've come across in a long time, definitely worth a shot (especially for GNOME users). Very simple and clean and gives incredibly fast transfers.

In Cooker, I did some more work on graphics card stuff: further rationalized the card database and updated NVIDIA definitions (8xxx series cards are now supported by nv in Cooker, and I got the PCI IDs for the 8300 - 8600 cards from Aaron at NVIDIA to add them to our database ready for the 100-series driver when it comes out). Cooker now has X server 1.3 in main, so everyone gets to play with the new randr stuff (at least, those with supported drivers).

Also sent a modest proposal to the Cooker list that all apps shipping icons should be icon theme spec-compliant for 2008.0. This is a nice achievable goal with an obvious positive effect (good-looking icons in modern panel and launcher apps which use icons at bigger sizes than 24x24).


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