RC1 out, shiny things ahoy

We pushed 2008 RC1 today - linky. There's been a ton of bug fixing since Beta 2, so this should be quite a lot better. Unfortunately we're still having problems with unionfs so we didn't get the One edition out yet, but there will be a One RC1, it'll just take a day or two to get out.

Cooker has been very busy lately: a couple of major changes have happened - a new menu structure, based on Frederik Himpe's old proposal, and the official kernel adopting the -tmb spec. There's been a ton of work on fixing up menu entries for the new structure, and a lot of just general bug fixing, particularly in the Mandriva tools. There've been some changes to rpmdrake that quite a lot of users will enjoy, I think - the bug where packages on skip.list could never be installed by rpmdrake is (finally) fixed (and there's a candidate update for 2007 Spring), and I finally succeeded in persuading Thierry to have MandrivaUpdate respect the 'updates' flag, so it will now only consider packages from repositories flagged as 'updates' repositories, rather than packages from any and all repositories.

The new draknetcenter consolidated network configuration tool also landed recently, and Boiko's krandr tool for configuring RandR 1.2 stuff in KDE. So lots of nice new toys!

Speaking of new toys - I decided it was time for a living room upgrade here at home, so I now have a new TV (42" LCD, 1080p) and a Playstation 3. You haven't really seen the Mandriva 2008 login screen till you've seen it on a 42" screen at 1920x1080 :) It's a lot of fun.

And of course my HTPC runs Mandriva and you can install Linux on the PS3, so it's TOTALLY work-related. Hmm, I wonder if I can claim a tax exemption...:)


ofaurax wrote on 2007-09-09 22:29:
"I finally succeeded in persuading Thierry to have MandrivaUpdate respect the ‘updates’ flag". That's good news. I hope this will speed up the update search process.