2008 is out

finally, it's done (and I greatly resemble a zombie right now) - 2008 is out. really happy with this release, it's going to be a stonker, I hope. also up, you will note, is the new www.mandriva.com . Still a bit rough around the edges, but it now has big green download buttons. I hope you're all happy!

2008 release story is here. Please, Digg it, Slashdot it, spread it all over the known universe if possible.

I am going to go buy some milk. Milk is good.


drakedalfa wrote on 2007-10-09 18:00:
Hi AdamW here is some links to news to Mandriva to make noise: http://www.fsdaily.com/Community/Mandriva_Linux_2008_now_available-1/ http://www.fsdaily.com/Community/BlogDrake_Mandriva_2008_ha_sido_liberada_y_esta_disponible_para_descargarla/ Mandriva 2008 Release News in Spanish http://blogdrake.net/node/9136 http://digg.com/linux_unix/Mandriva_Linux_2008_now_available http://www.wikio.es/search/mandriva A site like digg but spanish http://meneame.net/story/mandriva-2008.0-free We need spread the word to the world! Mandriva Rocks!
Zero_Dogg wrote on 2007-10-09 18:57:
I'm not happy until I see nice GNOME One download links on mandriva.com ! :D
vfmmeo wrote on 2007-10-09 23:59:
Hi adamw. I just finished the Mandriva PWP 2008 in my laptop. Looks great and works fine! (and the KDE start sound sounds little ethnic-*buntic? :D) Great job. When in January 2007 i decided use Mandriva as my first "real" experience in Linux, i don't guessed how fast, easy and smooth will be my own evolution. Note this: From "I never could make a linux system work" on January to "I have my own webserver, host my own blog with mail support, using a virtual machine to do it" actually. I believe that the quality of Mandriva 2007, 2007 spring and (now) 2008 has some relation. Also, the great spanish community are "guilty" too ;) Thanks to you and your colleagues on the Mandriva team, are a lot of people out there that discover, learn and enjoy the Linux "experience", just as me. Don't leave this path. Allright, this seems a gratefulness speech for an award or some also. So, let me finish saying an small critic: I don't like the theme of your blog. :P See you up on the road to 2008 spring!