Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring released

Yes, it's finally done. And for the first time...well...possibly ever? Certainly since I can recall,'s on time. In fact, a day early, really, as our initial plan set release for the 10th.

Yep, 2008 Spring is done, we stuck a fork in it and sent it to the mirrors this morning. Early seeding has been up for a couple of days, and the torrents are now open to all. I'm also happy that we got everything out at once: Powerpack, Free, mini, and all versions of One (including extra language versions) are out together. Powerpack subscribers can get it right away, and the box sets should start shipping within a couple of weeks. All in all it's been a remarkably good launch process so far, but I'm sure something will go wrong soon enough. :)

The release has some really nice new features, and looks to be pretty solid and stable. We're really happy with it. The community announcement is up on the Club, the press release is on the main site, and you can download it from the official page or find the torrents directly here. The Wiki, of course, has all the nice info on the release, including the Release Tour, Release Notes, Errata, Reviewer's Guide and more. The main page, from which all the others are linked, is here.

So go out, grab it, and enjoy it! I'm off to get some rest...


sviya wrote on 2008-04-10 03:45:
Hearty congratulations Adam for the release!! I am downloading it and hope to install ASAP. And thanks for putting entire LAMP packages... You'd be surprised to know how many folks use SuSE just because it ships with entire LAMP and associated packages and call it more user friendly! No offence to SuSE but I am delighted that Mandriva too ships with entire LAMP now!