Progress report

Well, things have been moving fast! First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who's donated so far. Your kindness is really incredible. Some people have suggested I add some kind of donation-ometer to measure donations, but I'm not quite sure on the mechanics of how to do that yet - I think I'll wait on it for a bit. But thank you all so much for your generosity.

Today I caught up with the forums since New Year's Eve, and did some more refinements to the site. I've also done some packaging work, all a result of requests or issues posted to the forums:

  • I added a package for TuxMath, the counterpart to TuxType - an educational maths game for kids. This is now available in the /contrib/backports repository for 2008 Spring and 2009: the package name is tuxmath.
  • I added a package for gl860, a driver for a couple of specific webcam chips found in some Acer laptops, USB IDs 05e3:0503 and 05e3:f191. This is available in /contrib/backports for 2009, not 2008 Spring yet as I haven't tested that it builds on the older kernel. The package name is dkms-gl860. There's an important note on usage that gets printed when you install it, please read it.
  • I fixed Bug #46536 in nufw, a now-incorrect module loaded during initialization stopped it loading properly. Thanks to Glen Ogilvie for identifying the problem and solution there. The update is now available in /contrib/updates for 2009.

Tomorrow I'm planning to do some more work on the Python 2.6 transition in Cooker, and maybe write up an article or two for this site.


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