Back home

Whew. So I'm back home after a very busy week in Raleigh.

I had a fantastic time, actually. I met a bunch of great people there. We - that's both 'we' as in the internal RH 'Fedora QA' people and the wider Fedora QA community - have come up with some plans that we should be able to really get to work on in a short timeframe and that should have concrete positive results very soon, which is great.

I'll write in more detail about some of the things we're planning soon, but for now I'm just incredibly tired. I didn't sleep much the whole week in Raleigh (can't sleep well when I'm on the road) and was working out every night and waking up at 7 am, so I'm pretty frazzled. :) I'm going to finish setting up my mail server to handle my Red Hat mail and then I'm going to go to sleep, for a long time, and spend the weekend definitely not working. So I'll be back at the coal face on Monday.

Thanks a bunch to everyone in Raleigh who was kind enough to answer my dumb questions, and to everyone both within and outside RH who's welcomed me to my new role, you're all great. I'm really looking forward to getting started with some projects.


Ken Bergen wrote on 2009-02-10 01:21:
Welcome back to the "Moosey wilds" or in light of the goings on while you were gone the "Urban jungle". Congratulations on your new job and from what I've seen of your work with Mandriva you'll shine at your new job. Please come back and visit from time to time and best of luck. Ken